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The only thing impressive about the homosexual movement is its determination, persistence and diligence in using the highest political powers to promote its grossly immoral cause to corrupt society at every level.

Several years ago, when I was working at Cardiff University, I was amazed at the brazenness of the current female Director of Stonewall Cymru. She attended an open Cardiff University staff meeting, where it became evident the university’s Human Resources (HR) department was being encouraged to publish a policy proposal for the University that would positively discriminate in favour of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual and Transsexual (GLBT) staff, compromise academic research standards, and make it impossible for any external supplier who opposed homosexual practices to deliver services to the University. The proposals even made went as far as stopping staff making comments on GLBT people/practices in a social context or in research publications that might be considered homophobic (against or not supporting homosexual practices). I registered my objections in writing to the relevant person in HR.

The Director of Stonewall Cymru announced at the meeting that she was joining the Welsh Assembly Government as a policy advisor. It is little wonder that many civil servants, particular in the Welsh Assembly Government, take a gleeful delight in being so devout in their new religion of political correctness when their ‘doctrines’ are drafted by the likes of Stonewall lobbyists. I have observed this sycophantic behaviour first hand and you only need to look at the Welsh Assembly Government’s policy documents on their promotion of sexual orientation equality, particular for Welsh businesses and organisations that want to access government funding or support.

Following on from our previous news item on Gandalf from Lord of the Rings film, Ian Mckellan the actor and co-founder of Stonewall, promoting homosexuality to school children in the UK, a Conservative Bristol Councillor has realised he breached political correctness and the party line by raising a polite concern about a high profile figure promoting sodomy to school children. Realising he has stepped out of line the Councillor has voluntarily suspended himself for a period to be determined by his party! Such is the power of political correctness that self-chastisement and re-education from Stonewall is expected by its followers if you dare to speak out of turn.

This is an exact replica of how the Chinese communist Party deals with citizens! They must attend a people’s court that delivers a pre-ordained judgment, and then they must self-criticise their own beliefs before attending ‘rehabilitation’ classes so that they can return to the Marxist-fold. The Bristol councillor has to undergo the same process by attending meetings with Stonewall, who will no doubt ‘put him right’ again, so that he toes their line. Note that Stonewall and NOT the council or government determines homosexual policies!! (Life Site News, 19 November 2010)

Although an older news item from earlier this year, the articles below categorically confirm what BTM have been saying on this website that no Christian can vote or be part of the Conservative, Liberal Democratic or Labour party.

When David Cameron was asked, “Do you think that the right of gay children to have a safe education trumps the right of faith schools to teach that homosexuality is a sin?” Cameron, a practicing Anglican, replied, “Basically yes - that's the short answer to that, without getting into a long religious exegesis. I mean, I think, yes.

“I mean, I think, yes. I think….. [long pause] that if our Lord Jesus was around today he would very much be backing a strong agenda on equality and equal rights, and not judging people on their sexuality.” Perhaps he missed the bit in Romans 1 where God condemns homosexuality outright and says it is an abomination? (Life Site News, 8 February 2010)

Going back to last year, the real conspiracy to change British society is shown through the support of homosexual lobby groups and their agenda executed through the Labour party... note how Mandelson led Blair along the homosexual path, abusing his Cabinet position to bring in laws that flouted the wishes of its citizens, after secretly pushing his homosexual wishes. Also note again that it is Stonewall and not government, that decides homosexual policies, without once consulting experts in the field who reject the homosexual position. (Life Site News ,22 July 2009)

James B Waddell

Further commentary by Barry Napier

This story of the abuse of political power for personal gratification is enough to tackle government with. Not with the kid gloves worn by ecumenists, Anglicans, and pretend-humble preachers, but by people with backbone! This MUST be taken up, because Mandelson (aka Prince of Darkness) brought forward the secret homosexual agenda through his trusted position in government, against the will of the people. The agenda has many more secrets yet to come out... and they are appalling! Don’t think that the now popular homosexual presenters and comedians are representative of what gays are truly like... funny or ‘nice’! The BBC in particular is trying to cram our airwaves with homosexuals, so that it can then push a full-on sexual agenda. You must ask yourself WHY anyone should promote a lifestyle that is a virtual death culture? A lifestyle full of disease, immorality and abandonment? It makes no sense whatever!

If you think you have seen everything from gay activism, then you will be utterly devastated when they bring out their real agenda, which is truly horrific and sickening..., basically demanding legal recognition of the most foul sexual activities ever imagined... and most of it cannot be imagined by decent folks because it so disgusting! Will YOU oppose it, or is it something else Christians will hide away from?

The BBC have published a very sad and brutal story of a baby boy who through accident and then castration was subsequently brought up as a girl for the purpose of an academic experiment in social engineering, with tragic consequences.

The harm done to the boy cannot be calculated, but he killed himself because of it.

He was NOT a candidate for girlhood - that can only apply to actual girls! He was simply a boy who had been tragically damaged by a surgeon. He was still a boy. What they then did to him was abominable, a sign of pro-homosexual 'professionals' who should be cast out of their profession. This kind of thing has since grown into full homosexual surgical changes, and many excuses made by professionals as to why they ought to be operated on... but with no actual medical evidence. The only 'evidence' in favour is in the minds of those perverted few who wish to see homosexuality abound. They are also trying to bend facts to make homosexuality 'normal', when it is obviously a perversion. We are now in the era of communistic enforcement of sexual perversion. Fight it or lose freedom of expression to totalitarian homosexual activists who hate us with a passion. (BBC, 23 November 2010)

Following on from the above story another news item coins the word 'transphobia'!!! This homosexual invention of names and supposed crimes will never stop. Their aim is to literally stitch up everyone who complains or expresses an opinion, with the backing of government, who has literally handed-over responsibility for making homosexual laws and policies to Stonewall. Watch the abuse of youth rise, along with a drastic rise in homosexual AIDS, and a dramatic increase in all things immoral. (BBC, 11 August 2010) but that is old news, isn’t it! Will Christians fight it? The current national position as immoral is the result of Christian refusal to stand up and be counted. God has put this on us as a punishment. The only answer is repentance and a determination not to be crushed by the homosexual agenda. When ALL Christians stand up to be counted, Satan is forced to back off!

© 24 November 2010

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