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Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, at Chicago Council of Global Affairs (15 September 2016) made a carefully crafted statement to shift the blame from Muslims for following the doctrines of Islam to those who oppose Islam. This is classic politically correct cyclical spinning of cause and effect.

"We play straight into the hands of those who seek to divide us, of extremists and terrorists around the world, when we imply that it is not possible to hold Western values and to be a Muslim," (The Telegraph, 16 September 2016)

Firstly, taqiyya (aka as lying and guile) is a well-established practice in Islam, being a Koranic doctrine. That is what we see here in Sadiq Khan's statement.

Secondly, Islam rejects Judaism and Christianity and therefore its values which have been the foundation of Western civilisation for centuries.  Sharia law is the antithesis of Western values and this is clearly demonstrated in Islamic states like Pakistan that support the persecution of Christians for openly sharing their faith or just for simply being a Christian.

Thirdly, how can Muslims tolerate ‘Kafirs’, all the unbelievers of Islam that inhabit the West?

For further reading www.politicalislam.com, et al.