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In our general meeting today (new Bible studies start next week) members discussed police responses to Covid laws. Interesting.

We should support the police on the ground, who have an often distasteful job to do, and rarely witnessed as they go about what can be a very difficult job. As I have always said, it is the chiefs who obey government that are usually at fault.

In the USA we see the natural but idiotic result of opposing police – cities ruined, people killed, violence taking over and police resigning. The USA will soon know the true cost of this stupidity!
The reason we have police is simple – sin is rampant.

We discussed the various internet ‘phone videos of police taking very hard and unjustified aggressive approaches to the public, but we also discussed the fact that the videos can easily be
used to vaunt a particular political point... we do not see what went on before the event or after it. Thus, vital facts may be missing. We shouldn’t then take these videos at face value, because there is often a wider story to tell. (I must remember this next time I pass one on).

On the other hand, it is a fact that some people enjoy being aggressive and showing people who is boss! I personally knew police who were merely acting out their own meagre personalities, loving their position of power over individuals and being aggressive because that is who they were. (hopefully they are now retired or kicked out!).

The same happened in psychiatry, where some nurses loved to fight and put patients down.

My own position is that the police on the ground have an extremely difficult job to do, and are always under pressure to be seen to be fair and supportive. They have to do what some might see as ‘nasty’ things to criminals, including fighting them. So did I when I was in the mental hospital. To be fair, we had far more leeway to ‘jump’ on people than police do today!

My own observation pins the problem with deteriorating relations with the police on the shoulders of the government. They are making unjust laws and forcing officers to obey their superiors, who themselves obey political agendas, because they get excellent pay and are looking for titles...MBE etc. The Covid laws are not only unjust, they are unscientific and have no medical
reality. The public are starting to see this and so are objecting to lockdowns. Sadly, this places police in an intolerable position. If the ‘law’ says something, then those who ‘break’ the law must be arrested if they refuse to obey. Police with consciences sometimes have to approach the public with force or aggression, because it is needed, but even then they personally do not like
the Covid laws they are bound to work with. So, when dealing with police who might approach you about ‘breaking’ an unjust and ridiculous Covid ‘law’, remember they are just doing what they are ordered to do... law is law, even if we disagree with it. (Yes – also complain that the law is unjust, but to those higher up the chain of command, including the Prime Minister).

Having said that, genuine officers in the USA have resigned because they could no longer follow uphold what is unjust and political. The day might come, soon, when UK officers, who used to be considered the best in the world, will have to make a choice – to stay or to resign. Of course, if they resign, we will only be left with officers at the extreme end of law, who will treat everybody with disdain or aggression!! A very active and sad conundrum!!

As I have said before, as Christians we MUST complain to the government EVERY time we witness an actual bad law being expressed badly by police. BUT, not focussing on the police officers facing the public. Rather, focus on the vile laws that are forcing the officers to act as they do, well or badly. We must remember that when out on the beat, officers face hatred and opposition daily. This is bound to affect them mentally and spiritually. We must not make their jobs more difficult, but must be reasonable and polite. Only if our good response is ignored and they are unnecessarily aggressive should we complain. BUT more than that, we must oppose bad laws.

The Covid laws are unprecedented in UK lawmaking. They are expressions not of actual need, but of political agendas. The aim is simply to subdue and oppress us in readiness for even more changes. It is government we must aim at, not the police. As a force the police are always being ‘emaciated’ by laws and demands made by ambitious senior bosses, and it is genuine officers who suffer the consequences. So, unless they really do do something unnecessarily bad to us, let us support police and oppose the government instead, with real facts and figures, and with steady toughness.