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Nigel Farage MEP
Party Leader

Dear Mr Farage

You are on record many times saying that you want to uphold Judeo/Christian values within UKIP’s policies, yet when a Christian with a UKIP position articulates them in a public space as his own opinions, the guillotine of political correctness comes down and Mr David Silvester is suspended. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25802437

By taking this punitive action, you are disengaging with a huge segment of people that have supported UKIP, namely Christians who believe in the Biblical teaching on the Bible and the judgement of God and nations when their leaders pass evil laws, which promote sin.

There is no good in same-sex marriage and there is no good in same-sex sexual practises and taken to their logical conclusion would result in an extinction event on earth within a generation.

Whether Mr Silvester is right or wrong in his conclusion drawn about the recent and widespread floods across the UK he should be allowed to say it and not be suspended for his Judeo/Christian beliefs and values, which you have said previously you support.

Mr Silvester has said nothing illegal. It was just political incorrect. Political correctness is something most UKIP supporters loath and has brought this nation and indeed most of the Western world to a huge Marxist and Nazi style gagging of freedom of expression and thought.

The UKIP policy should be that a person can express personal views that are within the law. If their views are not politically correct, tough.  If an individual doesn’t want people to be able to freely express their own opinions, go and find another party - simple.

It is not UKIP’s role to police what people think and say in a personal capacity. After all that is what the EU is trying so hard to do to the electorate across Europe: “There is only one right answer, support the EU!”

Please show your leadership and expose the cesspit of political correctness of the other parties and make it clear that political correctness has no place and value in UKIP. Ideas and arguments stand or fall on their own merit; that is true debate.

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Waddell