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It was well said by Gordon Brown, socialist unelected prime minister of the UK, that all the guff about CO2 and climate change is about taxation alone. The EU is now formalising its meddling in CO2 and climate change, by taxing every individual within the EU. 

The Financial Times for Germany, FT Deutschland, has seen a document by the European commissioner for Taxation, Algirdas Šemeta, who will unveil his plans in April. The plan is simple – to impose an EU-wide CO2 tax on everyone living in the EU.

Brussels have attempted for the past two decades to get this tax up and running, but member countries have refused. They are now trying again to get the tax approved, and it will succeed, regardless of approval, because member countries have signed-away their sovereignty to the EU.

Energy Taxes to Go Up

The proposed minimum rates will go up on consumer taxes on fossil fuels, gasoline, gas and electricity. ( 18th Feb). These will be on top of national taxes for the same purposes, all of which are already a very heavy burden on the people of Europe. As I have already noted, these taxes do not affect the men who propose them – the MPs, MEPs, etc., because they get theirs paid for by their elaborate and unfair expenses system… financed by the very taxpayers they are defrauding.

Further taxes will start in 2013, unless the people can stop them in their tracks, that will tax CO2 emissions. That’s on top of the 2010 April taxes. Roland Stein, a lawyer for Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, says this is only the tip of the iceberg – the CO2 tax is only a front for even more taxes in the future, on both consumers and companies.

Tax to Fund the EU

The pretext is to use the taxes to combat climate change, but the longer-term use is to fund the iniquitous EU itself. Budget Commissioner, Janusz Lewandowski aims to give the EU direct funding by these measures.

This incredible news proves beyond all doubt that the aims of the ‘greens’ in government are only about power and heavy taxation! Despite the countless revelations about scandals and frauds throughout the environmental system, the EU is going ahead with crippling taxation founded on the same frauds!

The UK is already buckling under both personal and company taxes based on mythical climate change requirements. Gas and electricity have already soared in price for no good reason and will soar again, to four times the present cost. Families are now suffering hardship, some extreme, because of this cynical abuse of political power and scientific fraudulence. And older people are dying because of it.

Socialism, Or Whatever!

As I have warned before, this is what the USA is now facing unless it can get rid of the present government, including Obama, who has already landed the US with a debt running into trillions, that may never be repaid. Hillary is in the wings, waiting for Obama’s fall, but to elect her would be as great a problem in the long run, given her Marxist affiliation.

It does not matter if we call the system Marxist-socialism, Fascist-socialism, Capitalist-socialism, plain socialism, totalitarianism… all are the same beast ready to rip the heart out of all who allow it to roam freely. When it comes to money and power, one morphs into the other. Every true Marxist and Fascist is a capitalist – for his own life, but not for the people they oppress! And every true Capitalist is a socialist, who controls everyone by keeping them barely alive on low wages. Same thing.

EU Exists to Get Money

The finances of the EU are now closely linked to its political aims: the original deception presented to member country’s citizens was that the EU/ECC was to be only a trading partnership! The EU is hardening its stance so that everyone who is oppressed by them pays for its continuance. The newly-formed EU diplomatic envoy system is now to report straight to Brussels and not to the EU’s Foreign Minister, in matters if finances, so that money can more easily be controlled at the highest level.

At the same time a battle is brewing over who should head the EU’s central bank. One of the main rivals, Mario Draghi, who heads Italy’s Central Bank, worked for the US investment bank, Goldman Sachs, who recently helped Greece to hide its enormous deficit by using complex and secret financial swaps. (Nothing new there!). And these are the people who want to strip us of our money and control us with EU taxes.

Mafioso-Style Financiers

Obama is only a dupe. That much is obvious. So are Gordon Brown and other ‘leaders’. Behind everything political are the Mafioso-style financial families whose enormous centuries-old wealth controls countries. The EU is no different and negotiates with countries to maintain silence and complicity… the EU will give this or that concession to a country, if it votes along with the EU. That is how member countries are selling Europe down the river.

In the meantime, big companies given billions to prop up their ailing operations to supposedly save jobs, have failed, say the Oxera consultancy. Instead of saying the money was wasted, they use the word ‘misdirected’. Really, any voter in any member country said the money was a waste of time… but billions are lost to financial buddies before the EU ‘admit’ to an error! It wasn’t an error – it was a deliberate socialist ploy to pay out huge sums to those who cheat and defraud, by those who are themselves frauds.

The EU stinks to high heaven, as do all who work for it at a higher level. Member countries all know this, but their MEPs are fat cats whose greed causes them to destroy their countrymen’s well-being. They want their money, regardless of the destruction of their countries. This is why banks are given bail-outs of extraordinary sums… keep bankers sweet and customers broke. Then the politicians offer handouts to taxpayers to keep body and soul together, and so gain total control of every man, woman and child forever.

© 18 February 2010

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