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The choice in ancient Greece was between two leading systems – democracy and oligarchy (rule by elites).

That is, free thinking and totalitarianism.

Athens represented democracy and Sparta represented totalitarianism.

The latter allowed citizens to vote for whatever the council of elders chose for them to vote on.

This is what I call pre-censorship.

It meant there was no true choice, only a ratification of what the elders wanted them to vote on!

In this system judges were also chosen by the elders. Like it or lump it.

In Sparta, women were called 'thigh showers', because of their very revealing tunics, public dancing and sexual 'freedom', which scandalised non-Spartans.

Does any of this sound like today's European dictatorship?

In the face-off, Sparta won the day... but their totalitarian ways did not finally appeal and the people reverted back to democracy.

Everything voted on is first chosen as topics by the political elites

We are facing elections in the UK on 7 May 2015.

Unlike ancient Greeks, our citizens have no real choice, because all parties appear to be totalitarian.

None of them allow for freedom of speech or thought. Everything voted on is first chosen as topics by the political elites, who only inform us of what they are doing, requiring no vote or debate.

The difference between parties is in name only, because each party is an oligarchy. The people don't matter, because we are too stupid to understand the issues involved... only liberal, homosexualised, immoral dictators know what to think and do. The rest of us can take a running jump off the pier!

We are facing rule by an every-increasing totalitarianism, a revived fascism that the dead Stalin and Hitler would smile upon with approval. There is a popular saying, that it doesn't matter who we vote for, because none of us benefits anyway. Sadly, this is true and will be firmly exhibited very soon when votes are gathered in.

It doesn't matter who we vote for, because even the once grand Tory party is now a dictatorship. All parties are now fascist and oligarchic. Leaders of all parties disrespect the people and do whatever they wish.

So, friends, when you vote, ask yourself what you are really voting for... because it is all an illusion of freedom!

The Labour party offers a revival of Soviet Russia's iron will; the Tories and LibDems offer a version of Nazism.

The others all offer a combination of both. None of them offer actual democracy (not the best option overall, but the best in modern nations). They are all self-interested, self-wealth accrual, and self-power.

Forget the propaganda, that a non-vote will let in the worst party. Forget it, because It DOES NOT MATTER who you vote for. They all offer the same totalitarianism, but packaged prettily and variously. It is all fascism, which will get worse and worse. Even the much vaunted UKIP has yet to prove itself IN POLICIES.

The only answer is a non-vote and a nation-wide rebellion against totalitarianism.

If you think this is unchristian, well, I can only say propaganda has already won.