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In terms of scripture there is no need to give this note.

But, after so many years listening to preposterous comments by ignorant 'Christians', it is necessary.

Basically, it is this – my anger is righteous and my hard line comes NOT from hatred for any of my fellow human beings, but from a proper and due regard for God's word and holiness.

In scripture God demanded the death penalty for first degree murder. Any sane person will recognise that those who fight for ISIS deserve the death penalty, whether by swift demise by bomb or gun, or by court of law (which, sadly, will not uphold the decrees of God, thus putting the entire nation under God's wrath).

In matters of God's justice, what prompts a person to kill is not relevant – all that matters is, was the killing deliberate and planned or not? If it was, then the killer MUST be put to death.

Nowhere in scripture is the application of the death penalty performed by court-appointed executioners said to be wrong or hard-hearted... it is simply doing what God commands. Indeed, even if the executioner decides to utter a personal whoop of joy, this does not invalidate the penalty.

Concerning migrants... no Christian can offer wholesale help to foreigners who hate God, or whose religion hates God. No nation can legitimately fill its land with God-haters and false religionists, or with those whose religion openly states its hatred for, and desired death of, people who believe differently. And today the list of such perverse religions includes Hinduism, which is copying the death threats and attitude of ISIS and Islam.

(See 2 Chronicles 19:2 and beware!).

It is evident that the EU is taking in hundreds of thousands of people they have dubbed 'refugees', even though it is apparent that most of them are NOT 'refugees'. We have noted the scam pulled by the father of that tiny baby who was drowned off Turkey, just to make an Islamic point. Do you really think hard-line Islamists will not kill their own children, or put them in harms' way, if it serves Allah? Then you are very naïve!

I do not hate anyone, but I loathe what many are now doing.

Every single person claiming to be a 'refugee' MUST be examined.

And if they cannot supply proper papers or reasons for their journeys, they must be returned to a safe country – an Islamic one.

To put it bluntly, God says we may not help them. And bear in mind – no genuine refugee is as impudent and violent as the current wave of so-called 'refugees'!!

Some in Hungary etc., are now claiming to have converted to 'Christ'.

However, it has been noted by certain commentators that such a move is a cynical one designed to keep the Muslim in Europe. The 'refugee' says (after 'conversion'), that if they were sent back to their Islamic country they would be persecuted or killed! Sorry, but I am VERY suspicious about this!! And please note that Hungary is Roman Catholic and not 'Christian'.

It is also a matter of economics. The more migrants we take in, the less our economy can support, and the worse becomes the lot of people who pay taxes. I am not the only person to warn that this, if the mass intake of 'refugees' carries on, will result in an impoverished UK that will itself become unable to support its genuine citizens, let alone fake migrants. (And fakes are also coming from Europe itself). The UK is already struggling to maintain its benefit and state systems because of migrants. Elastic only stretches so far before snapping.

There is nothing Christlike about accepting evil people or their evil beliefs that include the killing or oppression of others. I have no doubt that many Muslims are peaceable. But, their religion is not, and any Muslim who is threatened by extremists WILL do what the extremist tells them to do!

How likeable a Muslim is must not determine the Christian response to their Paganism and the rejection of help. Sime believers will be led by the Spirit to help on an individual basis. That's fine! But, not on a mass scale. Any Christian who thinks it is acceptable to take in mass migrants, is deluded and does not understand God's commands. Indeed, they are basing everything on their own wrong emotions and lack of real information.

So, there is no hatred from myself for any persons, but a very deep suspicion about what is now happening, and a desire to please God rather than man. If we do not stop the influx immediately, we are opening ourselves up to the rapid Islamicisation of our country. Whether or not many Muslims are peaceable, what they believe and do is a godless activity.

Furthermore, are you not suspicious that the sudden influx came just after ISIS said it would send half a million 'refugees' to Europe, and hide its own murderous agents amongst them? So, not only will there be more murders in the West by ISIS, but it will make 'stealth jihad' a grave reality by filling countries with Muslims!

Also, how many Christians understand that it is part of Islamic intention to deceive their hosts if it promotes their underlying aim – to make everyone Islamic? It is even considered to be 'holy' to lie and cheat for such purposes.

Did you know that?

There are times when Christians must be tough-minded. Such times are now.