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Cameron is now under immense pressure from his own party to tame the EU!

Euro leaders (led by Germany, of course) are threatening Cameron that if he puts the City above the EU, then Britain will be left behind. (The Times, 24th Nov). If only!!

The president of the EU, Barroso, has commanded Cameron to choose between the City and the EU.

Let us make this clear – this is a choice between doing right by the UK and supporting the EU without restraints.

Barroso expects Cameron to buckle before a major EU summit in December.

Barroso and other EU actors say Cameron comes over as a weak leader because he wants opt-outs and yet closer ties with the EU. But, EU leaders want this to end and for Cameron to throw his lot in with the EU, totally. Or, to put it more correctly – for Cameron to throw UK citizens to the lions, without a cry or dissent! Frankly, he is willing to do that, if it means being left alone by EU lions himself! He is just as ambitious as Blair was... and follows Blair's advice on the matter. Tories see this as a severe test of his leadership.

Frankly, I don't care whether or not he rules his party well. I only care that he brings us out of the EU, so that we can once again be a sovereign nation. Sarkozy of France says Cameron is alienating Britain from the rest of the EU.

Wonderful news! Now take it that bit further and leave the EU. Let them all fail at the same time, in colossal debt!

The European Affairs minister said that (guess who!) France and Germany are going to develop a system that can ignore what non-Euro countries vote for, and let them do what they want to do anyway. So, Euro countries will dictate to those outside the system, and they must obey anyway! As all this pans out, we are seeing the moment of truth coming ever closer... will Cameron prove to be just as obnoxious and arrogant as Blair was? Will he submit to the EU bandits, too? Because he takes his foreign policy counsel from Blair, we have little hope! He will just be one socialist being led by another socialist into oblivion.

Expect this at the summit – Cameron will trumpet his successes with minor claims, but, the EU will have its way, and he will be much bowed-down before his puppet-masters. They will allow him his moment of self-claimed glory, so long as he toes their line and does not forget who runs the show... not him, but Merkel and Sarkozy.

© 25 November 2011

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