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The EU is now giving Greece further billions, which will put the UK into even deeper financial trouble. Or, rather, the taxpayers of this country!

The reason the Greeks get this money is nothing to do with sorting out their problem – it is to calm investors and banks! Now that the second bailout has been agreed, they are all bright and breezy again and share prices have increased! But, it is we, the people, those who can't invest, who will pay for it! It has been said even recently that if we do not bail out Greece it would ruin the Euro system, and if we pulled out of the EU we would experience massive falls and slumps. SO BE IT! More countries look ready to apply for bailouts... and though our current liars (sorry, I meant government) say publicly that they will not use our taxes to pay for more... they do it anyway by the backdoor!

THE LONGER WE REMAIN IN THE EU THE GREATER THE DEBT AND THE EASIER IT WILL BE FOR THE EU TO TAKE FULL CONTROL OF US.  See Peter Oborne's article (Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph) 22 July 2011 for the end game plan.

And remember – as we pay many more billions into the system, so our taxes go up – government will not be direct but will add on taxes under other names...

And when all this happens the elderly, the sick and ordinary families who earn little, will suffer greatly and people in our own country will suffer.

It is already happening with soaring energy, food and other costs, Forced on us by the EU and its green policies on windfarms, etc.

THIS WILL NOT STOP until we get out of the EU.

© 22 July 2011

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