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The opposition is out in force!

Rolls Royce Motor Cars says we are better off in the EU (Guardian 2 March 2016) – but the words of the chairman are only for his own profits. Same goes for a lot of big business, who get perks from being in the EU. But the biggest issues are left unsaid – sovereignty, freedom of speech, illicit EU laws imposed, citizens who have no say...

And a new book (by Gordon Brown?) is now out, describing Blair’s refusal to listen to any of his cabinet, and the way he brought in a raft of EU laws and demands just so he could become leader of the EU!! All self, as with Cameron. 
They obey Brussels even though the EU is destroying national character and personal freedoms. It is all done at PM level, without our consent.

It is also why both pushed the homosexual cause so fast and furiously... to become pals with EU bosses who demanded that we submit to them.

Nothing done by either man was for the people, or by the people! Personal gains are the objective, no matter what it does to the nation.  

And today the French have threatened the UK, saying that if we leave the EU they will allow migrants at Calais to go to Britain!! Even though those migrants are on French soil and nothing to do with us!! (Daily Mail, 3 March 2016)

Even if they use their threat, so what? Our government must then fill Ferries etc., with our police and border staff to stop them getting on transport to the UK in the first place, by checking and double checking... and, no papers, no entry! Simple.

Do this for a while and migrants will no longer want to try. On French soil they are the problem of the French, who allowed this build-up.

But – Cameron and government hasn’t got the guts to do this though it is simple.

There is talk of adopting the Norwegian model if we leave the EU... what a farce!

This model is just EU membership slightly watered down. Norway is not in the EU yet it pays an enormous sum to be in the ‘single market’ and must impose EU laws on the country. We must avoid this route and stay independent... we have the rest of the world to trade with. And, frankly, I’d rather we were second rate poor out of the EU, than be first rate slaves to Brussels. What’s wrong with Britain?... the people are showing all the signs of Stockholm Syndrome, loving the very brute that inflicts danger and harm.

It is unhealthy to actually want to stay in the EU whose fascism will know no bounds if we don’t leave. The loss of everything we had is only the beginning. Once we vote to stay in, we will see the full machine coming into being,  including a vast EU army and absolute power going to Brussels, together with a huge increase in what we pay for the ‘privilege’ of being members (slaves). Then there will be no more votes, because MPs will just be minion-administrators for EU unelected moguls, ruling over a section of the EU that is joined to northern France (it’s on their maps). MP pay will reflect their subservient state, so they will comply, and they will just rubber-stamp all laws and

EU laws and demands are not just that – they are given to subdue the people. I can’t believe how many wish to stay in the EU, when it is ruled by Germany. The rise of Germany and the EU is similar to the way Hitler started his rule. Isn’t this a lesson?