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From the many reports I have received over the past few days, it is obvious that the vile Democrats will go after Trump (as I predicted months ago) with a vengeance.

They will not just want him gone – they will crush him in every way possible... legally, personally. It is the fury of wickedness. He challenged them and lost. Now he will pay a staggering price.

Thhe duplicitous AG Barr is part of this evil. All along he had the persona of someone who would do nothing to defeat the Dems and support Trump. He literally did nothing, and kept vital information about the Bidens under wraps. It is even possible he has been paid handsomely by them, though to my mind he was just a skulking coward, afraid to rattle the Dems just in case they won and went after him, too.

The talk from the USA is frightening, and the damage the Dems want to do to Trump and those who voted for him is limitless. And the Dems will unleash further evil on the people by giving Iran great power to destroy the West. They intend to roll out the movement that has until now been kept in the wings – socialism, Islamism, total immorality, a stirring of the political pot of corruption with a stench that must reach God’s nostrils.

My own part in all this will soon be over. If the USA does not finally overthrow the Dems there will be nothing to report on, except for utter wickedness.

May the Lord have mercy on genuine believers in these days... they will need it.