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paris-11-13As with homosexuality, we at BTM have warned... and warned... and warned... about Islamic atrocities in Europe.

This is about an ISIS attack in Paris last night, and written this morning. THIS is the reality of the Muslim invasion we are seeing daily. THIS is what we can expect in our western countries. THIS IS HAPPENING TODAY!!

We are either force our government to immediately stop all immigration, or we will be the next victims.

This is in an ordinary street, and the writer thought the bangs were part of a police film. Because France has allowed a terrific build-up of Muslims in its land, we are seeing the grim results. If France does not deport them they will get much, much more violence. I predict that whole areas in France will become Islamic enclaves where no French citizen may roam freely without being killed. The same will happen in other EU countries. Remember my words when it happens, especially if you do nothing about it. You have MPs who make laws and policies.


You have local councils who are currently refurbishing OUR homes to house Islamists from the Middle East.

Contact them in numbers... or I know what will happen – citizens locked in their homes afraid to leave.

Thus far everything I have warned about has come true, with both homosexuality and Islam. Forget the illusory pictures of big-eyed children!! They are as much propaganda objects as anything else.

Also read Bill Muehlenberg's Culture Watch, 13 November 2015 'Paris in Flames'. It was indeed very noticeable how the BBC and Sky News were very careful to avoid using the words "ISIS, Muslim or Islam" with the terror attacks. Nothing to do with them until nearly a day later.