A legion of these backstabbers have now joined forces with Nancy Pelosi, who wants the president removed immediately.

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So – impeachment of President Trump is going ahead, with the cooperation of repugnant Republicans who are stabbing him in the back.

This time the charge is that he incited a riot in the Capitol. If convicted he can never hold any office again.

And he WILL be found guilty, because the Left, including those in his own party, want him gone. He threatens their continuous run of money-grabbing, lies, and corruption. The same evils will ensure they shackle him, because they KNOW he would be voted back in next time.

The next vote will be only for show – the Democrats will make sure no-one like Trump will ever get into office. Thus, the USA will have the President and minions they deserve (as always Christians started praying in desperation  instead of doing so all along). Voting will no longer be an issue, because the Dems will always get in. And that, friends, is called totalitarianism.

It is my view that Trump should have jumped on them hard from the start.

He should have pushed to get Clinton and Obama charged with their crimes. And pro-Obama staff should have been kicked out immediately.

The first impeachment attempt by Dems should itself be taken to court and those responsible charged and convicted. That will never happen now.

The most horrifying thing about this situation is that the guilt of the Democrats (and conspiring Republicans who wish to stay in their swamp) is plain and obvious. Corruption has been proved. 

The Dems have fought Trump from day one with venom and hate. They have invented many excuses to get rid of him. BUT NOTHING WAS DONE BY TRUMP. Perhaps he was hoping to use
brinkmanship as a final triumph. But, with Barr and others doing nothing, when they could have shown the people the Democrats evils, any such plan was doomed. He should have just taken blunt action immediately.

So, now we have the surreal situation where Trump is supported by many countries, and yet the foul enemies of the USA, the Democrats (joined by many Republicans who are just as corrupt) will take control! They will take the USA down the dark slippery slope of corruption and socialism while their violent supporters sing the Red Flag, not realising they are going downwards and not forwards. And their evils will affect every other country in the world. Unless God moves in a very mysterious way!

Will He?

I cannot tell. All I know is that the people were not told the truth about the Bidens, or Obama, or Clinton. The truths told by Trump acted more like a smack in the face than a solution… people in sin hate being shown what they are like. Telling truth must be accompanied by legal restraints on those who are wicked. Trump did not fight back with powers he had, so the filth built
up and was organised as a deluge.

It is still possible. As God told Moses – ‘GO! Lead the people through the Red Sea!’ Even when there was not yet a path made by Him. THAT is trust and faith!

It is very possible God is using this awful scenario to teach the people that they lack faith and did not speak out until it was too late. On the other hand, He can easily hear the desperate prayers of genuine believers, because they are fervent. We can now only wait and see. 

If Biden finally reaches the White House, we will know the answer… the Hebrews were under growing despondency and hatred in Egypt for 400 years. They were later kept in Babylon
for 70 years. If God is showing the USA their laxity, the teaching could last a very long time, just as Socialism lasted a long time in Russia and still exists in many evil governments around the world. 

WHO has spoken out against socialism? Who has bothered to do so? So the last days will mean a long period of socialist control and godlessness. a penalty for silence.