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The EU is now telling migrants not to come to Europe for any reason. (Daily Express, 4 March 2016)

Yet, it was the EU queen, Merkel, who invited them to come in the first place.

Yes, ISIS warned that it would send millions to swamp our countries, and they did. They are still coming. But, it is Merkel who must bear the blame, because she, as queen of Europe, who commanded that every member state MUST take in their quota of migrants, misappropriating the words ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker’ to soften the blow! I suspect she is in cahoots with ISIS and Islamic leaders, but don’t know the secrets they hold together.

"NATO commander: The Islamic State is “spreading like cancer” among Muslim migrants to Europe." (Jihad Watch, 2 March 2016)

That Merkel is the driving force behind the EU is indisputable. EVERYTHING  must come from her, be devised by her, or be approved by her. In every way she is the continuation of WW2 fascist Germany.

We are told we cannot stop the migrants. Oh yes we can!

Bring Churchill back and he would put it very succinctly!!

He would tell Merkel what to do with her policies, in no uncertain terms.

For goodness sake – we are an island!! We have a very natural border to stop invading hordes... and Muslims ARE an invading horde. 

With the referendum looming, the EU is in panic mode, and is threatening us with all kinds of evil if we leave, proving it to be as far from the supposed ‘original’ idea of the EU we were given in the early 1970s, as it can be.

In truth the ‘original’ reason for the now-named EU was a federal political, military Europe ruled by people unknown to the people. Now this is becoming clearer by the day, especially with the threats and intimidation by France. The EU official maps have already removed England as a separate country!

France says they will send migrants to Britain if we leave. Eh???

If we leave we will again resume sovereignty. Another country cannot send foreigners to us unless we say we will take them!! So, the Calais problem will remain the problem of France, as it is now!! It is the French who allowed the Calais camp to be built and the migrants to run riot. It is up to them to clear it up, not us. Even so, Cameron is sending another £17 million to help Calais!

If we leave, we can close the border and get back to what we once had – full checks of papers and passports. But, this is where there is confusion. One group says we already have full border checks. But, according to a spokesman for border control, not every traveller has his papers checked when they arrive in the UK!!

So, Britain MUST beef-up its controls, even now. If anyone wants to enter without papers or passport, they must be rejected immediately (BEFORE they reach the UK). Not kept in a facility on UK mainland – sent back straight away!

Otherwise they’ll just disappear as they do in Europe, in their thousands. And if these people do it, they do it for an illegal reason. Genuine refugees or asylum seekers will be only too glad to show their identity.

Then another problem arises (you only find these things out by cross-checking with a high number of independent sources)... our wondrous film stars have collected together (from their back pockets, they are so rich) money to buy a double-decker bus.

This will be taken to the Calais migrant camp, where it will be used to house children.

Think so? I see adult thugs kicking them out and using it for themselves.

But, on that issue of ‘children’... it is revealed that men with grey beards and grey hair are saying they are ‘children’ so as to get into the UK!!! And many officials fall for it.

When you hear of these ‘children’ bear this in mind!! Even real children are being used as portals to get adults into the UK. If ALL migration into the UK was stopped immediately, migrants would soon give up trying to come here. Problem solved!

David Davies MP says that many ‘asylum seekers’ claiming they are ‘unaccompanied children’ are actually adults, obviously older males! We have warned of this stupidity previously on several occasions. Don’t be duped by emotional appeals on behalf of ‘unaccompanied children’. In their own countries, even children are very used to living on the streets, doing criminal acts, and generally acting badly. To put it bluntly, why should any sane country want either these feral kids or their adults in the UK?

In 2014 1858 of these ‘unaccompanied children’ who were actually adults tried to claim asylum!!

What if some migrants are genuine? Mainly we are talking about Muslims, but those from Europe need to be stopped also. It is very simple – if they do not have jobs to go to, have no house to live in, and no independent funding to keep themselves for at least two years, then they cannot come here. Otherwise, taxes paid by us are going to people who have never contributed and never will, while things that should go to our own citizens are curtailed or even stopped, so that migrants get what they demand! Am I the only one to think this is preposterous and wrong?

As we have shown before, big businesses want us to stay in the EU... because it suits their profits, but not the people. By contrast small businesses want us to LEAVE the EU because of the continuous stream of regulations and laws imposed by the EU. As I said recently, this is nothing to do with regulations, but with making people obey Brussels and not to oppose EU laws. By issuing an endless stream of these laws, they want to break our will to refuse and stand firm... most EU states usually cave in.

This is classic socialism, whether Marxism or fascism (they are only two sides of the same coin). Arguments are hotting up for both ‘stay’ and ‘leave’, but most are to do with calling each other names! We have already listed reasons to leave, reasons that go to the very core of the issue. Forget the peripherals – look at the core.

Farage gave an excellent speech recently to the EU parliament, angering Merkel and France. Others are now putting in their arguments to good effect, but many voters are still unaware of the real issues and have no idea what total loss of freedom will mean.

The EU is using tactics like Obama’s. Both are keeping vital information from the people. This is why many still want Obama and Clinton as leader of the USA. If they knew what was coming they’d get rid of these two wicked Marxists immediately.

Lastly, I was watching one of those TV programmes about bailiffs. Many episodes show migrants living here without jobs. Today, one was an African woman who had been here for 15 years, unemployed with children. She received benefits, but still managed to avoid paying rent, so was evicted. She complained about it! This is typical migrant behaviour... come here, never work, get everything free... then complain when they won’t even pay their rent! This is socialism, friends, and it breaks any country. If you want plenty of socialism – and I mean the real thing – read history first – of Russia, China, any country that has tried it. If you then still want to live under socialism, by all means vote to stay in the EU!! Then you will see the velvet glove come off and see (and feel) the iron fist.