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Gagged Man with tap accros mouthWe live at a time of immense Christian laxity, coupled to a similar dose of self-delusion. Many pious Christians say we should not get involved in politics, believing, without scriptural evidence, that we should only speak in spiritual terms, leaving the ‘world’ to sink or swim. How do we ‘not get involved’ when everything we do is ‘political’? 

Sounds good, eh? Except that it is wrong. Christian laxity and delusion have led to our present wicked generation… and I say that as a fully-paid-up member of predestination! I will repeat what I have said in private before – that I fought the homosexual movement for over 25 years. As a result I lost almost everything, and no Christian listened. Now, Christians are falling over themselves to be proved righteous as they work through several organisations to combat homosexuality. A good cause… but, it is too late, as the recent election outcome proves.

We warned against voting for ANY of the three main parties, yet many Christians voted for them! However, those who heeded the warnings voted for UKIP, and it was this ‘lost vote’ that prevented the Tories from gaining absolute power. Other Christians should hang their heads in shame.

Why? Because all three are hell-bent (and I use the term properly) on giving homosexuals great power and ‘equality’. In doing so, they will automatically criminalize Christians and the Christian gospel. Therefore, Christians who voted for the three main parties actually voted for gross sin and their own persecution. This is the same as voting to oppose God, for those who oppose truth actually oppose their Father! This is what Jesus said.

We contacted each leader and asked if they would promote and support homosexuality, knowing that each pro-gay law will criminalize Christians. They all agreed with our summation. So, they really are out to get us. And many foolish Christians voted them into power! On the ‘good’ side at least one homosexual government minister has been deposed (for swindling expenses in support of his ‘partner’, but at least he is out of the picture).

A large number of policies proposed by the Tories and LibDems are admirable, especially making government less obtrusive and smaller. But none of their policies amount to a hill o’ beans compared to what they will do to Christians! Forget the rest of it – look at the damage they intend doing to all who declare their faith.

As a ministry, we are grateful that God gave us a hung-parliament, because this at least helps to prepare us slowly for the coming deluge of anti-faith laws in support of a vile sexual sin. Don’t think many Christian groups will support you if you fall foul of the new laws, because they are mainly self-interested and won’t represent Christians who are too complex or who don’t fall into their approved form of opposition to evil. They only want easy-victims, with clear-cut problems. But, those who stand to be counted are rejected.

During this fantasy love-affair between the two joined parties, we have time to grow our opposition to total homosexual rule, and make others aware of what is really happening – so stand tall and act NOW!

What really is happening? We are losing our right to speak, our freedom of thought, our freedom of religion; we are gaining hugely in political correctness and sexual sins. Christians who fight this wickedness only on Christian grounds are missing the point. The current problem is not just for believers – it affects everyone in the country.

At one time Britain truly was great. Whether some decry it as false, the country used to live by Christian values and truths, and these gave power to the people and nation. Since breaking down these values the country has gone to the dogs and sin is rampant and unchecked, as politicians, without public agreement, major on giving freedom to evils whilst persecuting Christians, and some are even proud to be gay. This persecution will not only affect Christians, however – it will affect everyone who prefers to think independently, with conscience. And it is this extra dimension that must be put forward to the whole public, who have no idea the government’s hatred for Christians is also hatred for all who think independently. 

The Westminster Petition was a wrong mix of unbelievers and believers, who all ran under the guise of ‘Christian’. What we need is to be upfront. We must stop insisting on only Christian rights, and insist instead on the freedom of all people to speak their mind… even homosexuals. If this happened, homosexuals would find themselves overwhelmed by public opinion and anger. Which is precisely why gay activists are pushing for total clampdown on all free speech concerning their awful lifestyles. They know they are wicked, and know what they do is sinful, but they spin it to seem equal and good… defying all logic and proper argument. If all this was in the public arena, they wouldn’t stand a chance - and they know it! Hence their use of law against us.

Politicians, of course, will give in to any sin if they can gain power! And that is what Cameron in particular did, just to gain the homosexual vote. He has promised them the earth and, if we don’t strike now, he will be successful.

Surely homosexuals have rights and should have them exercised? No. Why should we guarantee ‘rights’ to people whose only claim is to have sex with the same gender and whose only reason for existence is unnatural sex? And why give ‘rights’ to people whose sexual choices have given the world one of the greatest pandemics ever known, killing millions? If homosexuals get ‘rights’ that cannot be questioned or criticised, then why not give rights to paedophiles, and those who indulge in bestiality? Or to murderers and thieves?

Homosexuality is a bad sexual choice. It is unnatural and unhealthy and, as we can see in gay activism, it is also fascist in the way it works. All of this can easily be proved. It wants to force us to comply with its awfulness and to ditch our God-given consciences and beliefs. This cannot be allowed, nor may we comply, even at risk of legal action. Let homosexuals do as they wish – but once they try to force us to comply with law we must stand up and be counted! There is no virtue in homosexuality and no reason to give it special status… unless you are somehow involved. After a series of emails, wanting to know his reasons for being so virulent about gay rights, we asked David Cameron: “Are you gay, or did you act homosexually in the past?” He did not reply, which causes some concern. It is true that we cannot build a case on silence… but it was a very strategic silence loaded with what we assume to be guilt.

And please don’t tell us we should not get involved in politics!! Tell that to Joseph, or Moses! Tell it to all the Patriarchs! Tell it to Jesus! Or to Calvin, or Luther, or the Reformers! We are at the beginning of the end for freedom. Stay silent if you wish – but don’t dare to castigate those of us who fight back. “Onward Christian soldiers” means what it says! We are called to oppose wickedness in all its forms. Hiding behind church walls is not just cowardice – it is godlessness.

© June 2010

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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