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Jeremy Corbyn decided unilaterally not to support fighting ISIS in Syria. (The Guardian, 29 November 2015)

And even his shadow cabinet are split on this issue.

His supporters gathered in London to oppose Cameron's idea.

This is how Marxists react when it comes down to reality...

It is found that Marxism sounds great in theory, but it dies when it is under the slightest scrutiny.

Supporters of Corbyn said on radio that they fear attacks on ISIS in Syria would lead to further attacks on us in the future.


To fight them where they are is like wiping out a viper's nest!

ISIS has ALREADY sent its operatives to Europe and tell us many more are on the way, hiding behind the term 'refugee'. Paris is just one example of ISIS terror over here. One big reason they swear to bring us further violence and death is because they see us as fearful and weak. And they are right!

Nothing will stop ISIS from bringing death on a large scale. 

To be afraid of further attacks is nonsense, because ISIS are GOING TO ATTACK US ANYWAY, no matter what we do.

If people think doing nothing will cause them to leave us alone, well, think again. We have suffered Islamic violence and death for the past ten-fifteen years or more. ISIS has intensified this coming war (it is not just an empty threat).

It is ISIS who began this deadly war. It is they who warn Christians and Jews, and even fellow Muslims, to submit. ISIS are NOT 'insurgents' or rebels, they are a separate faction, made up of killers from many countries, who used the problems in Syria as a launching pad for its own aims. Their aim is to have a worldwide caliphate with all its attendant horrors, backwardness and evil.

Cowardly Brits who refuse to fight them are just making matters far worse, by blindly misinterpreting the very clear warnings by ISIS.

Corbyn is trying to spread his futile Marxism across the UK, which leaves us more vulnerable than ever. MAN UP!!!