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Jeremy Corbyn is a republican who loathes our royal family and democracy.

At a WW2 remembrance day ceremony he refused to sing the national anthem, thus casting scorn on those brave WW2 veterans who stood next to him.

His deputy is on record praising the murderers of the IRA.

And now Corbyn says he will not kneel before the Queen as part of the instatement as shadow leader (Daily Mail, 17 September 2015). Will he also refuse to repeat the promise every leader makes to the Queen, to be loyal?

As one who has watched Obama very closely since before he was well known, I can warn readers that Corbyn is, thus far, repeating the same kind of treason as Obama, using the same kinds of words and showing the same kind of bad manners shown by Obama. In these days of heightening Islamic threat, including from migrants, we do not want this kind of man leading a whole party! To me, Christian support of Labour is a definite anathema, but if some still persist in their support for a party founded on communism, I say – come out of her, or join the hypocrisy, disloyalty and treason now being expressed by Corbyn and friends. He has already shown his socialist error by having so many women in the shadow cabinet... not because they have superior skills and aptness, but simply because they ARE women! This is a recipe for governmental disaster. And feminism is itself counter-biblical.

If the anti-UK ideas of Corbyn gain momentum this will give great encouragement to Islamic terrorists to act even more rashly. And also note the pro-EU stance of Labour!