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It is not the Islamic attack in Paris that was a fiasco, but the responses from politicians!

Angela Merkel said it was an attack against freedom of speech and democracy. David Cameron agreed.

But then her government tried to silence mass gatherings of people who do not want Islamization.

Even Nigel Farage fudged his answer, with a roundabout reference to the failure of multiculturalism.

What SHOULD have been said?

That Islam is a religio-political movement of hate and violence.

That the Paris attack was Islamic.

That such attacks will increase rapidly.

That it must be stopped by stopping the influx of more Muslims.

The more that Euro-governments refuse to do what is right, and to listen to the people, the bigger will get the reactive movement to get rid of Islam! Inevitably, there will arise counter-Islam movement that will start to become violent towards Muslims. It is already showing its fangs and claws!! But politicians keep playing the insane game of not blaming those who instigate the violence and hatred!! Instead, they silence those who are afraid and no longer want to soak up an alien religion that forces everyone to shut up or die.

Watch for even more violence from Islam against the West.

And also watch politicians refuse to tackle it... and a rise in a vigilante mindset amongst the voters who see politicians refusing to listen to them.