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The details of the UK government’s proposals for the pathetic parody of Same Sex Marriage show how forced the legislation will be and the monstrous changes that will be made to the definitions of key words of the English language relating to: Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Sex, Marriage, Consummation, Adultery, Male, Female, Spouse, Widow, Widower, Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc; are detailed in the recently updated parliamentary document ‘Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnerships’ (Catherine Fairbairn, 18 December 2012)

1 Same Sex Couples will have to refer to themselves as "husband and husband" or "wife and wife" in administration processes and in the contracting process or exchange of vows:

“Same-sex couples would have to follow the same administrative process and use the same contracting words or vows as opposite-sex couples. Same-sex couples would refer to each other for legal purposes as “husband and husband”, or “wife and wife”; an opposite-sex couple would continue to use “husband and wife”. The Government does not intend to change the other criteria that are currently in place to determine who can form a marriage (eg age of consent, family links, between two people only).” Pg 18

2 Marriage ‘upgrades’ for Civil Partnerships

“There would be a process by which existing civil partnerships might be converted into civil marriages, but there would be no obligation to convert. The process would not be time limited.” Pg20

3 Change your gender (not your sex) within a marriage

“Individuals would be able to change their gender legally while remaining married.” Pg 20

4 Consummation does not apply to Same Sex Marriage but adultery (with opposite sex only) does.

Non-consummation and adultery: in the consultation, the Government had proposed to allow case law to develop in order to create ‘new’ definitions of non-consummation and adultery for same-sex couples. In the light of consultation responses the Government now intends to create an exception for same-sex couples in a marriage, meaning that they would not be able cite non-consummation as a basis for annulling their marriage. Anyone, including same-sex couples, would be able to cite adultery to end their marriage if the behaviours currently defined in case law are exhibited.” Pg 21

5 Teachers will have to state by law that Same Sex Marriage is ‘normal’ even in faith schools.

“Teachers would be able to describe their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, while acknowledging that same-sex couples can also marry.” Pg 21

6 Same sex couples will become parents and will use the terms of mother and father for any children they procure.

Parenting: there is no intention to remove the terms mother and father, or replace them with terms like ’Progenitor A and Progenitor B’ as was raised by some organisations Pg21

Also see Equal Marriage: The Government’s Response December 2012’ (Home Office, December 2012)

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