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The problem is this and ONLY this...

Though UKIP issued this assurance, it has also said that Christians must toe the line of culture found in the 'British values'.

This will be enforced by UKIP's Culture and Communities Spokesman, Peter Whittle – an homosexual.

UKIP says it will not try to reverse any gay laws.

Who do you think would win the battle? UKIP or Stonewall??

In many ways UKIP is the 'best of a bad bunch', but don't be deceived because of desperation!

The ONLY issue that should matter to all genuine Christians is the coming attacks on our faith. UKIP tries to be reassuring, but some of us are able to read between the lines and join the dots.

To defend Christians UKIP would HAVE to get rid of pro-gay laws.

So far I have seen no such assurance... all I have read are UKIPs quiet statements in support of gays. Christians must learn to weigh the evidences PROPERLY. I still maintain that Christians who vote for UKIP will be disappointed.

And to vote at all will merely reinforce the corrupt Party system.

I seriously doubt if UKIP will win the election. It would upset the applecart, but no more. This will leave all other parties to swiftly bring in even more gay laws that will damage and persecute us, regardless of any possible UKIP arguments. For myself, I see this as deepening the Party system, which alone stops well-meaning MPs dead in their tracks. We are no longer voters, but rubber-stampers of whatever Parties wish to do.

We do not get to choose the issues – PARTIES do!! Without our consent!!

I refuse to support this any longer. The rest will have to live by their own consciences... and put up with the very disappointing results in a few days' time. The best Christians can do at this time is to pray to the Lord to keep Labour out of government.