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Yesterday's long debate in parliament (5 February 2013) on the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) bill, showed that the majority of MP's are willingly under the tyranny of the homosexual (Sodomite) lobby groups such as Stonewall and are totally sold out to promoting their ideology and their definition of equality.

The quality of the debate and the arguments put forward by the advocates for Same-Sex Marriage were pathetic. The words 'equality' and 'loving relationships' were repeated like a mantra, to somehow conceal the inconsistencies between true marriage between a man and a woman and the proposed parody of Same-Sex Marriage. Conveniently and repeatedly, also ignored was every single point raised that showed the bill would actually promote inequality and division in UK society and the imposition of an "Orwellian" fascist and tyrannical ideology on all citizens.

Many MPs, unashamedly said words to the effect of "I am a Christian and Jesus would support equality and Same-Sex Marriage". The profanity in these declarations is unbounded. In effect these MPs are saying sodomy in all its guises is not a sin and that God loves everyone and there is no judgement. One could ask then, if that is true, why bother to call oneself a Christian; as if there is no sin, there is no need of salvation from sin?

This is the essence of all the legislation that has been passed to remove the legal fences to protect society from the tyranny of the Sodomites and their supporters. The lie and blasphemy of the Sodomites is that sodomy is not a sin, in-fact sin does not exist, evil does not exist, God does not exist, Jesus Christ is not the Messiah and the Bible should be banned. Oh, I forgot one more thing that the Sodomite desires: to incarcerate or kill all true Christians, who keep reminding them of the truth.

This is not a persecution complex, nor religious paranoia. Hitler openly wanted to exterminate the Jewish nation and others with a systematic programme of legislation, ghettos and then death camps. Sodomites are taking the same path by changing the laws until they have tyrannical power to crush all opposition to their sinful lifestyle. The following trajectory for UK society is obvious:

Tyranny - if you don't actively support the Sodomites' ideology, then you, your family and your business will be harassed, abused, threatened, receive violence or be destroyed through legal challenges. There are countless examples of this in the public domain, including comments from MPs yesterday in Parliament who had experienced the same.

Religious Persecution – if you don't actively support the Sodomites' ideology in all areas of your employment, in the public or private sector, you will either be dismissed or demoted. Even if you manage to successfully challenge for unfair or constructive dismissal you will be financially ruined in any case by the legal costs.

Religious Censorship – the Bible will be banned from the public domain as it will considered to be promoting ideology against the state (Sodomites) and true Christians will be driven underground.

Religious Protection from Same-Sex Marriage removed - The protection supposedly offered by the quadruple lock to protect religious organisations from being forced to conduct Same-Sex Marriage will be picked in a few years or even months by the Sodomites. The MPs openly conceded yesterday that future parliaments are not bound by past parliaments and the assurances given only 9 years ago concerning Civil Partnerships, never being a stepping stone to Same-Sex Marriage, were acknowledged as an example that the locks can easily be picked.

Evil will Abound – The Sodomite ideology will totally pervade society and the concept of law and order will be whatever the Sodomites decide as all the laws will be changed to suit the promotion and normalisation of their lifestyle and practices and the ostracising of anyone who dares not to comply. (And remember – it was Peter Tatchell's words that gay-sycophant, Cameron, used in his speech in favour of gay 'marriage'! As we keep saying – the real government is Stonewall.)

So yes, despite all the unsubstantiated assurances and mocking words of Sodomite supporting MPs, Same-Sex Marriage will change everything and that is why the Sodomites are fighting so hard to win this prized ideological trophy in their arrogant sinful quest to turn the world into Sodom and Gomorrah.

For the Christian, wait on the Lord, be obedient and stand for the truth. God is sovereign and He will obliterate His enemies.