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Two items in the news today (17 september 2015) about Islam and responses to it (BBC 2 Radio News)...

Use of Stockholm Syndrome to Spread Islam

On the surface of it, this response was heavy-handed, but, look deeper...

A 14 year old Muslim boy in the USA had made a clock, and took it to class.

Teachers and others thought it might be a bomb and isolated him in a room. He was then interrogated.

But it was just a clock. Amazingly, he was later invited to meet Obama. Now THAT was 'over the top'!

If the boy had been a Christian he would have been ignored and suspended.

The deeper issue in this is that Americans do not trust Muslims. After all, children have been used around the world to carry bombs, even strapped to their bodies. Obama is ignoring this underlying distrust of Muslims and the fear of the American people. he is ignoring it because he is using the Stockholm Syndrome technique to subdue the people. This means he is pressing on with his Islamisation of the USA so that eventually (he thinks) those who are being attacked and abused come to love their captors.

This won't happen – 'rednecks' are already stocking their guns and are training to fight Muslims who might attack them. Over the top? No, it is sensible and to be expected. Islam is responsible today for virtually all terrorism. Muslims kill, maim and burn-out Christians and even fellow Muslims. Muslims tell us they hate us in the West and wish to kill and displace us. So, distrust of Muslims is bound to occur, regardless of Obama's crude use of Stockholm Syndrome. That boy COULD have taken a bomb to school.

And that is the point.

Hungary Rejection of Migrants is to be Commended

Hungary has been castigated by the UN for closing its borders to migrants and the EU has shown its 'angry face'.

But, Hungary is afraid to let these people in just in case they stay! As a spokesman said, there were 200,000 Muslims (mostly men), and that is the size of its second largest town! It is also fact that nearly all of Hungary is Roman Catholic (wrongly referred to as 'Christian', but that is not the issue) and Hungary rightly fears that such a massive influx of foreign religionists would devastate the country and its culture. When I was in Hungary a few years ago I saw that the majority of people lived in small hamlets spread out across the vast plain.

There is no way Muslims could 'integrate' with such a system... not that they would integrate anyway.

Hungary has courage to disobey the EU and the UN. May it always do so! This is the kind of attitude we should all have in the UK, instead of the mock emotionalism we are now seeing. The media insists on portraying these migrants as poor people escaping oppression. Not so – most are young men who are well-heeled and have money. They use violence to get their way and continue to hate the West. All they want is our benefits!!

The media don't show the wickedness of these men and how they terrorise the area they are in at the time.

They ignore lower-benefit countries in favour of Germany and the UK. It is all about the benefits... and this is what they tell us openly. The EU wants every country to obey its mandate on Muslims, though what Muslims do and say is there for all to hear and see. We would be incredibly stupid to allow them into our countries.

The EU hates that member countries are rising up against their demanded quotas. They also hate that their idiotic plan for multiculturalism (a socialist plan) is being put to one side. They refuse to see that there is NO multiculturalism... there is only Islam crushing al other cultures and demanding obedience to its moon-god.

Hungary is to be commended for its stand. I pray that Cameron will at last stand up for our rights, and not be like a an obedient Europhile who will destroy Britain by taking in many thousands of Muslims. Can't Europe see that the sudden movement of 'migrants' is deliberate and set up by ISIS? And that the EU is party to it?

We already have been told that the half a million currently moving across our lands is nothing compared to future movements. Distrust, fear and even civil unrest will soon follow, as Muslims show their true characters.