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Did you watch the Donald Trump interview with Piers Morgan on Sunday 28 January 2018 on ITV??

Did you note that when asked about his Tweets quoting the Britain First group, Morgan almost demanded an ‘apology’ from Trump for doing so. Trump did so.

But, Morgan vitally missed the whole point!

When he Tweeted three quotes from Britain First he made it clear that even if the exact details were not correct, each of the three examples quoted was true in other cases... that is, they represented what Islam does everywhere.

Morgan cleverly sidestepped the real issue – Islam is a violent and untrustworthy politico-religious military movement intent on doing us deadly harm. Trump’s Tweets
were a warning to the West, even though it was not suitable to quote Britain First.

Morgan didn’t continue this fact to highlight ongoing Islamic terror in the West... he was more concerned with being trite about it, pushing it under the carpet... like trying to throw a cloth over the elephant in the room!!

Morgan insisted that ALL Britons were offended by the Tweets. That is a direct lie, a piece of propaganda. Most Britons KNOW we are coming to a crunch point with Islam. And Britain First and others like them will easily become a vigilante group when it happens.

UK citizens who are aware, KNOW Trump spoke truth and KNOW Islam is in their face and wrongly so. They KNOW Trump is saying what our own government refuses to even talk about. That is why I presently am all for Trump. He has courage of his convictions, and what he says makes sense. He is currently the only one.

Some, like leaders in Hungary, are trying to stay strong, but their membership of the EU is forcing them along a very bad leftist fascist path. And Germany and its closest friends are pushing out pro-Islam propaganda and hiding the truth so people are misled.

Until Morgan and others publicly call out Islam Trump will be made to appear to be a liar or buffoon – he is far from both.

In an interview this morning, both Morgan and the interviewers sagely pronounced against Trump’s early trouble with women. This left me angry, given that the media industry is rife with its own sexual antics. What if THEIR lives were closely scrutinised, eh? They are Pharisees whose sexual sins are kept locked away from public view! It is sickening.

I have heard many Christians repeat western propaganda against Trump and I have to grit my teeth. But, I always set them straight. Trump has been elected by God to put many things right in the USA. He won’t get it all done and he is not perfect. But, he is still in office because God has shown mercy towards the west Grasp it with both hands and stop whining. Yes, Trump might flip over into sin, but this does not mean God has not been behind some of his biggest successes or more godly actions.

He is not better and no worse than all of us!! Think you are more holy or less sinful? Hm.