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The terrorists have already won! We have already given in.

The UK and Europe continue to go softly with Islam and refuse to brand the pseudo-religion as a hateful, violent military threat.

Now we have to wait for another Muslim to try similar tactics... and another... and another... until the West shows true grit, deaths will continue and Islam will rise until we are finished.

But, Islamists are trying to cause civil unrest, so it can be exploited.

Yesterday I sent out a video of the mayhem and evil brought about by Muslims trying to enter the UK. Unfortunately I did not see all of it until later, and discovered a part of the video taken by a foreign lorry driver on his way to Calais,
trying to avoid being boarded by migrants, who used foul language; he veered his lorry towards a group of Muslims and threatened to knife any Muslim he found behind his cab. I have warned that this kind of reaction will become prominent
unless Muslims are stopped from entering the UK, NOT given any state benefits, and are deported immediately. That driver’s reactions will soon be common-place thanks to inaction by a government that is supposed to protect UK citizens. 

There will be more incidents like that in London yesterday. And we can know that police knew the perpetrators who were no doubt ‘under surveillance’. Why not ignore the EU and deport these malicious, evil Islamists? Being under surveillance
doesn’t stop these murders!