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Islamic Salsa Side Step Dance

The British government is missing the point deliberately, in an effort to side-step Donald Trump and dance around the real issue - Islam.

What Trump refers to is the growing menace of Islamic violence in the UK, which will not stop.

He has the guts to speak out. Britain First is merely saying what everyone with the facts know.

Even if the incidents in the videos are not as they seem, they did occur. Muslims in the UK are pushing the boundaries, carry out hate campaigns with violence, and take over whole sections of cities (no-go).

That the mayor of London condemns Trump is no big deal – he is himself pro-Islamic control of Britain and sharia!!

Boris Johnson says Britain First is a “divisive, hateful group, not in line with our values”. WHAT? VALUES?

He means allowing Muslims to murder people on the street and doing nothing about it.

I may be a Christian and a Bible teacher, but I refuse to wear rose-tinted glasses that don’t see what is blatantly obvious!! Muslims are continually pushing us around to see what police, courts and government do about it. They do nothing but pretend all is okay. Jihadists KNOW they can keep on killing with no chance of real fight-back by government. It is not Trump who is divisive,
but Islam is. So is the UK government, who refuse to protect us and deal with Islam.

Boris says we are an “open, tolerant society and hate speech has no place here.” Unless, of course, the hate speech comes from Muslims in the streets and on the internet!!

We are NOT tolerant of those who hate and kill us!! And we don’t appreciate being pushed around by Muslims and then government and police for speaking our minds.

Sadiq Khan cutely swerves around the real issue by saying Trump is speaking against Britain – NO HE ISN’T. 

He is speaking against jihad and Muslims! Trump did not show support for Britain First... he simply repeated videos AS EXAMPLES of Muslim hatred for the West. As I said yesterday his only error was in sending out Britain First videos. The organisation has no voice because government refuses to speak the truth. So it hits out the only way it can. I would not support the organisation but everything it stands against I agree with!!

Sadiq demands Trump removes the Tweets and apologises to the British people. FOR WHAT? For telling the truth about the real aims of Muslims? We don’t want apologies – we want our government to do something real about Muslims who hate and about sharia and jihad.

The “fundamental values” referred to by Theresa May are the bad values of allowing murder to take place and Muslims to rant evil in our streets, including beheadings and killing of non-Muslims!! VALUES? The ‘values’ she speaks of are NOT those of the country, but of a devious weak government.

The government is switching emphasis from the truth about Islam to a minor mistake in choice of videos.

It is a deliberate cover-up of what Islam really stands for and I, for one, am heartily sick of those sycophants who are so ignorant they fall-in behind Theresa May, Sadiq Khan and others who love jihad.

When Christians do this, I am angry, for they dispute truth and facts and are deliberately ignorant. They are a big part of the serious and growing problem of Islam in the West.