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Throughout the election process I have said that my attention was on NOT electing Clinton.

Trump has said some stupid things – but he appears to speak openly, unlike profession politicians who, like Clinton, have done horrific things. Trump’s stupid talk in a toilet is as nothing compared to what Clinton has done and stands for.

Now, Trump must make good what he said he would do. And Christians must watch like hawks.

The hope is that Trump will break the stranglehold of PC, Islam and wicked corruption in government. Clinton would have advanced Obama’s sorry list of evils.

I have not yet looked at responses to Trump’s election (and maybe I won’t), but I already know what many of them will be like from Christians around the world, who prefer the demonic Obama/Clinton wickedness to allowing a brand new face to run America - and who will affect the whole world.

Some say Trump will start a war. If he does it will be against the right people.

Fear of Islam in particular has silenced many Christians, but Trump will not start a war against Islam... Islam started its war against all free people in the seventh century AD!! The war has already been declared and fought. If he wars against Islam it will be just and long overdue.

It seems to me that many Christians who dislike Trump do so from a stance of ignorance. They read popular reports and follow Twitter, etc. But they don’t read the daily reports coming from non-government and non-PC sources. They look at what they have been handed on a plate by those who hate freedom and love the utter wickedness of people like Clinton.

Those who say Clinton had more experience to be President... Obama had absolutely NO experience, yet he was supported by all who love hatred and demonic ties. The only experience Clinton had was in lies, corruption and sending Americans to their deaths.

The fact is this – Clinton is a socialist of the Marxist kind. As in the days of Stalin she would have favoured her elite sycophants. And I assure readers that if she had won, she would have gone after Trump with every gun she could illegally use. Then she would go after all who refuse her evils.

On the other hand Trump is almost a clean slate. He must now be moulded so as to favour freedom, which includes freedom from Islam and freedom for Christians.

So, if Christians are speaking ill of Trump, let them look at their motives and their own inadequate reasons for doing so... BEGIN with thanking God Clinton was stopped on her maniacal path of evil.

For me this was the overarching thing to achieve.

Then pray for Trump that he will remove all Obama Executive Orders that harm America, and all judges who favour Marxist socialism.

Christian advocates must show Trump the true horror of favouring homosexuality and socialist Green policies, plus the inordinate power of the UN.

The USA leads the world in its views and actions. Let us now hope that we have been given a much needed respite from one world government and wicked people, at least for a while.

But before that we must ALL look into our hearts and get right with God. NONE of us knows fully what Trump will do, so stop wasting time speaking against him. Follow the Lord and get real.