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The TV is full of Theresa May’s role as the new Prime Minister (PM) which she will take up in a short while this afternoon, 13 July 2016.

David Cameron boasted that his career is crowned by Same Sex Marriage... rather like saying he forced sewage down his children’s throats for breakfast every day.

I knew his views before he became PM and challenged him many times.

Now what will we get from May?

In secular politics, we cannot, sadly, listen to what PMs say. It is all down to what they do.

May has hitherto been anti-God in homosexual matters, but is slightly better on Islam.

She voted against BREXIT, so must be watched closely, otherwise we’ll be fobbed off... We will see, but remember the general issue... ALL rulers MUST obey God. When they don’t, as in the West today, they must at least be as close as possible to leading the people well, fairly and in a decent manner. This will not happen if she continues to give everything to homosexuals, or caves in to Islam.

Watch this website – no doubt we will have plenty to say. But I hope this time we will not hear another PM tell us that her proudest achievement is Same Sex Marriage!