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“They are migrants not asylum seekers” (Frederick Forsyth, Daily Express, 11th March 2016)

There are times, I must admit, when I want to tear my hair out when it comes to how Christians ignore stark facts and scripture. There are also times I almost lose my patience. I urge you to read the above article, because it is the first one I have read that accurately describes our dire situation as a country.

The current migration of Muslims is as much a declaration of war as was WW2. 

If you think this is inflammatory, then you show your ignorance of what is truly happening. You are not listening to what Islamists are openly telling the free world! We began to warn Christians years ago of the coming caliphate. As usual, few listened. We posted many videos and reports. But, of course, those who prefer emotion to reality thought we were being ‘harsh’.

Forsyth knows the Calais situation and has investigated properly, unlike so many weepy-eyed Christians who ignore what God says. I was amazed when I read his article, because though I have been saying the same things from the start, this man is not a Christian and is the first journalist to publish the truth. Islamic horror often scares me, but the absurd unbelief and emotionalism of fellow believers leaves me even more scared. Like Israelites of old, who partied and left the city gates unguarded, and ended up prisoners in Babylon for seventy years, modern believers are just as foolish!!

To quote:

“The luvvie sections of the media have taken to calling several thousand would-be immigrants to this country grouped around Calais as ‘asylum seekers’. This may sound harsh but facts often are – THEY ARE NO SUCH THING.”

“The simple truth is that those occupying the Jungle camp outside Calais did not arrive by sea or air. They came overland after first landfall on the European continent. From that moment they were in no danger at all... They press north-west, motivated by the desire to reach the super-magnet of Europe – this country (UK). Britain has the reputation of possessing the most generous and easily obtained social security handouts of any land in the EU.”

“More to the point, most have torn up their identity cards and passports... there is a point to this ruse... Without papers they can claim any name and almost any age. Some fully grown men are claiming to be children... they appear to be fit, tough, muscled young men, neither half-starved nor weakened by malnutrition. One may suspect that many are not fleeing war zones at all, but other countries that happen to be poor.”

Forsyth goes on to ask why France is being so belligerent, when the UK pays them a “handsome price” towards the Calais situation... even though we have nothing to do with it. Forsyth correctly says that it is up to France to send these people back to the country they got into France from, because they entered France illegally. As Forsyth says – no genuine refugee seeking asylum will throw away his papers:

“we have given sanctuary to hundreds of thousands of refugees (in the past). But, when a genuine refugee from terror arrives he does not ensure that the first thing he does is tear up his passport, which is an illegal act. You just do not do that when you are seeking help or succour.”

“There is a strong case for us to spend a bit more money and set up an Anglo-French interview office staffed by Arab-speakers. Genuine seekers of help and shelter would turn up with their papers and ask politely. The rogues would stay away.”

It is as if Forsyth has been reading my commentaries from day one!! I have said the same things, but still some Christians are wearing their hearts on their sleeves, intent on helping those whom God says are not to be helped. These tend to be Christians with very little scripture knowledge, and who think they can twist scripture to fit their own ideals. Forsyth also tells us that in EVERY case where the EU wants to institute this or that law, UK objections have been dismissed!!! EVERY TIME. He also calls Cameron’s strategy of ‘stay in’, ‘Project Fear’... he and his cronies are spreading lies and unproved fears about leaving the EU. Those with the real facts are muscled out by him and most of the media. They WANT to stay in shackles.

And, worse of all, Christians cannot seem to get it into their heads what the major problem is. It is that we are allowing Muslims into the UK.

I don’t care how nice they might be. What matters is that they are bringing into the country what will be directly harmful to us and to our fellow citizens.... sharia and a pagan, backward, medieval, violent system of idolatry that will act like gangrene in the body of the UK. As their numbers multiply, so will their demands, until Christians will face what non-Muslims faced all those centuries ago when Mohammed rode into towns and demanded allegiance to his invented god, Allah. They had no choice – obey and convert, or pay a heavy tax, or die. This is what we are facing.
A big question:

It has been said that whoever it is, if we find a Muslim in the street bleeding and in need of help, we MUST help them.

Is this true?

There is an attempt to liken this scenario with that of the Good Samaritan. But it is NOT the same thing.

My response is – yes, normally. But, what if that Muslim has just beheaded someone? What if his very core of being says Christ is a slave of Allah, and all Christians MUST convert or die? What if his ambition is to deny Christians a voice and refer to our Lord as nothing better than dirt? WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER? Dare you give help and succour? I will not give you my answer... let us see if you can come up with a real, genuine, scriptural answer!!

In Israel, where Jews are subjected to murderous attacks by so-called ‘Palestinians’, government and ambulance crews are divided on what to do when they reach a scene where a Jew is slightly less injured than his Muslim attacker. Do they treat the victim first, even though the Muslim is more severely injured (because the Jew defended himself or the attacker was shot by security men)? Many will treat the victim first!

Think about it. Hard! Then look again at your reaction to seeing an injured Muslim in the street... what if he had just murdered someone?

Things are not always what they seem to be. And modern Christians have little regard for biblical principles. THINK HARD.