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As genuine Christians we have noted the increasingly anti-Christian policies and laws created by the main parties. To date, UKIP has verbally agreed to base its policies on ‘Judaeo-Christian values’, but have yet to prove it with manifesto policies.

As genuine Christians we have no association with the Church of England, which is ‘Rome-in-Waiting’, and do not accept as valid or authoritative what is said by mainstream Anglicanism or Rome, who are not Christian or genuine. By contrast, our statements are biblical, moral and ethical.

As genuine Christians we have resolved, after a decade of anti-Christian moves by the various parties, not to vote in the coming General Election 7 May 2015. For us (and those hundreds of thousands who read our ministry website who agree with us), the following issues are of vital importance, yet they are ignored by the parties. Those who dare to mention these issues are arrested or defamed, whether they are Christians or just ordinary thinkers. The first three issues are the biggest current concerns:


Successive governments have completely ignored and defamed genuine Christians by writing, adopting and implementing obscene laws that are pro-gay and anti-Christian, against public desires. Homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, child-harmful, anarchic, and immoral in the extreme.


The dangers of Islam are all around us, and threaten the very existence of Christians and all free-thinking individuals who do not wish to be enslaved by this medieval system of political thinking. Terrorists are the real Muslims!

The EU:

The EU is a fascist organisation, just as the UN is Marxist, and godless. Its financial ruination of the UK is obvious, as is its dictatorial demands. We should leave the EU because of the harm it does to all citizens and Christians.


True homosexuals hate Christians. There is an over-preponderance of gays in Parliament and this means an increasing promotion of gay ideas and activities. Stonewall is the ‘power behind the throne’ and we see ministers doing nothing without Stonewall approval or prior demand. Government policies and laws only rely on Stonewall and other gay groups, and so Christians are marginalised and treated like criminals and are persecuted. Police are being used as Stonewall’s ideological bodyguards and we do not trust gay or other police, because of the way police institutionally use gay propaganda and fly gay flags... an indication of anti-Christian attitudes.


This is a farce, without true scientific support, fighting paper tigers. No man can control climate change and there is no global warming. The taxes taken to ‘fight’ these things are only collected to increase government’s power.


Schools are being used to officially groom children into gay lifestyles and attitudes. This is an abomination. Sex education has become an arm of Stonewall et al and parents have no say. This is another sign of fascism. As is the way schools and colleges put bans on Christian and other web-sites that oppose ‘official’ gay or government propaganda.

MPs are elected but as soon as they are elected they must obey party lines and become separated from the voters, ignoring their just concerns and giving precedence to just a few – gays and Muslims. They do great harm to Christians. Therefore we will not vote, and will advise our readers accordingly. We will also use imprecatory prayers, asking God to remove godless leaders.

© 30 December 2014

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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