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The News Tomorrow Well, ALMOST news... we reported on this last week!

Tomorrow, the EU will announce its plan to have an EU combined armed forces (EUAF??). (Politics Home, 27 May 2016)

Given the way the EU works so deviously I have an idea it will work this way:

First, a call for a percentage of existing armed forces personnel will be requested from each member state.

Second, these will be taken to a central EU base, to be ‘taught’ EU overall strategy and EU philosophy (socialism). It is likely that this deployment will be fairly short term, maybe six months or a year. Then, another different number will be sent to Europe, until most or all of every armed force has been EU-ised into a socialist mindset.

Third, after this the EU will start its real task – to have its own EU armed force.

Fourth, after continuous brainwashing, it is likely that all state armed forces will be handed over to the EU, leaving Britain, for example, without its own force.  In this way the EU will control all armed personnel. I further suggest that it will be used both to threaten countries external to the EU and to put down any internal civil unrest.

Fifth, it is possible that conscription will be used again, direct to the EU, but, ultimately, these forces would likely be taken over by the corrupt and dangerous UN. (Remember the aims of the One World Order (ONO)). Those familiar with the way Germany rose in military and social power will see remarkable flashbacks to the Nazi regime.

Some may think my recent post about the Jewish king, was over the top... but I have been an EU-watcher for years and can see it happening this way if it goes ahead. Our children will then have to fight causes Britain may not have chosen for itself, and it will all be justified by ‘protecting’ the people.

Babylon used all the armed forces of the nations it conquered. So did Rome. Nazi Germany, too, incorporated similar tactics in WW2.

It is my view, based on long observation, that this is all part of the OWO and will come to pass, because it has been prophesied and is part of the great apostasy being fostered by Satan’s people.

It is why the world is in the grip of vast kinds of corruption, political evils, and religious destruction. It is coming together in a time soon to be reached.