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Here is a link to the government consultation of proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. It is very important to send the government and others a strong conservative message. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/reform-of-the-gender-recognition-act-2004 

As you know, there is immense pressure from the very well-funding LGBT movement to legalize self-ID i.e. individual choice of "gender" without medical or legal procedures, and to criminalize all resistance from those who may intentionally or not "misgender" a transgender person.

Schools, universities and media, even the NHS are already imposing this regime as if it were law and many people have become confused about what the law is. UK schoolchildren are being harmed as the result of transgender ideology more and more of them are announcing they want to "transition". But this is a cruel deception.
You cannot change sex. Post-op transsexuals are neuters, their bodies mutilated, sterile and incidentally incapable of sexual enjoyment.

LGBTs are asserting the right of children as young as 4 upwards to take such decisions and use hormone injections, without parental permission.

The sexual revolution began with sex-obsession and ends with self-castration.

Mad? Yes, it is mad.

There is no space here to summarize all the harmful aspects of this false ideology. One is permitting men such as Ian Huntley into women's prisons - yes! - and another is retrospectively falsifying birth certificates.

These consultation forms are often long and onerous. Please if you ave time answer it to the best of your ability , the essential messages being:

  • MAN = XY

Nobody is "born in the wrong body".

Nobody has the right to force others to affirm their delusions, in any way.

No child should be taught transgender ideology which is illogical, contradictory unscientific bunkum, and no child under the age of 18 should be allowed to change their gender as there are long-term implications, and many side-effects.

No child should be given puberty-blocking drugs, as contrary to widespread claims they are not reversible and later the person will not be able to mature sexually. The window of opportunity is passed.

80% of children suffering from gender confusion get over it by the time they grow up, if not encouraged to take drastic steps.

All LGBT ideology should be removed from schools, and funding and charity status withdrawn from LGBT promotional groups.

Bring back Section 28.

Please share this link widely among like-minded people.