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Why we MUST Vote leave the EU on 23 June 2016

Have you received the official ‘stay in’ booklet from the government? Let us look at salient points... the statements are not so good when examined! When you read the booklet remember that the statistics and monies quoted are VERY broad and do not properly support government claims. Let me give you just a few random figures to show this disparity...

According to the HMRC’s own non-seasonally adjusted figures, covering January 2013 to January 2015, both exports and imports fell significantly. This is not really how government wishes to portray our status!! Against this we should remember that whilst Britain is only a small country, it has the fifth largest GDP in the world in terms of income and second largest in the EU – therefore the EU needs us far more than we need the EU! The UK is also the ninth largest exporter in the world. Do you really think we need the EU? I do not think so. Even today (13th May 2016) the media are highlighting the fact that the EU is falling apart financially and socially, so forget all ideas of ‘unity’. Most people leave a sinking ship – but Cameron is asking us to get on board!!

It is a fact that the UK pays more into the EU than we get back (25th Feb., 2016, www.fullfact.org ). In 2015, for example, we paid in £13 BILLION as our membership fee. So, when considering any supposed (fictional) cost of coming away from the EU, remove this figure. In the same period the EU spent just £4.5 billion on the UK (giving us back our own money!). A very big difference. So, when government warns of pending doom, try looking at the actual figures (NOT estimates and guesswork – the staple of current warnings). And if we did not get a discount on membership, the total cost of membership would be £18 billion. What we pay towards the EU has risen sharply overall since the UK foolishly joined in the 1970s.

The claim that we would suffer if we left the EU is not what government has actually said to its own people: “There is no definitive study of the economic impact of the UK’s EU membership or the costs and benefits of withdrawal”, (House of Commons Library). Thus, what politicians say amongst themselves can be very different from what they tell us... they get the facts, but we only get propaganda.

We should also note that government always ‘massages’ the figures it issues. Even as an economics student I saw this with my own eyes. It is true that figures can mean whatever you want them to mean. The OCS (Office for National Statistics) uses two sets of figures, but deliberately keeps them vague. For example, the £55 million (or £35 million, depending on your source) a day spent on EU institutions comes from UK households and does NOT include what the government pays (from our taxes) as a membership fee to the EU itself! Try to compare what the Treasury says and they use different figures again. With rebates each household pays £200 to the EU institutions. This is about one tenth of the budget to maintain the NHS in England alone.

CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) is an offence to my mind and conscience, for it pays bad farmers to overproduce, thus maintaining ‘mountains’ of excess goods. The CAP has been there from the start, and very bad farmers in the EU (not the UK, because UK farmers tend to be excellent) are paid to be bad farmers (which was the real reason for implementing CAP – jobs for the boys!)! Thus, over the years, many billions of CAP subsidies have been totally wasted by the EU, and none of it has been used to feed starving nations.

To make this worse, there are EU officials who run this utterly wasteful ‘service’, and are paid handsomely for creating waste and spinning the facts. When we compare residents’ figures with, say, France, the UK pays hugely more in real terms than, say, France, whose land mass is far greater, but whose number of citizens is very much less. We are the second largest payer next to Germany. Of course, these figures can be argued from both sides, but I never trust what government says – it uses sets of figures and facts selectively.

Last year UK exports AND imports within the EU fell quite a bit for oil goods. Exports of cars fell but imports were up. Other goods fell by export but increased for imports. In other words, what we sold to the EU is much less than what we bought from it! Thus, latest official figures show the UK to be a ‘net importer’ of the EU (Source: HMRC, 10th May 2016)... which casts into serious doubt the claim that we will be better off trading within the EU. Precious metals exports fell by almost 50% but imports rose by 100%; imports from the EU of electronic equipment, when compared to exports, gave us just a 3.2% margin of income, but export of pharmaceuticals fell by 6%, as did imports (by 9.6%). The figures, then, are not as they seem if we rely only on the government booklet! Right now the trade gap is £15 billion!

We should also be suspicious when both Labour and Tories say that three million jobs are ‘linked’ to the EU. This figure is not exact and does not say what you think it means. ‘Linked’ is NOT the same as ‘created’ or ‘sustained’; these are NOT jobs with direct reliance on being in the EU. These figures are deliberately kept vague and do not say what ordinary people think they say. What Labour did was to massage older earlier figures to arrive at ‘three million’. One original statement was “There is no reason to suppose that unemployment would rise significantly if the UK withdrew from the EU” (Fullfact.org).

Bear in mind that a large number of unemployed are those who migrate here without having jobs to come to. These numbers will increase dramatically if we continue to take in migrants, many of whom are simply unemployable. The costs of maintaining them is vast, when we gather costs of all things they consume, from education to housing, healthcare to translation services (not supplied free by any other country), and the costs of paying benefits. To put it bluntly, government is treating the UK citizenship like fools – and we accept this insult. Also, British jobs are lost in some areas, because Poles, and others from the east, take jobs which pay less than the living wage. So, employers hire Poles etc., and get rid of the more costly British. Why do Poles, Romanians, and so on take such low pay? Because, in their country, the low pay would be a king’s ransom! Which is why, when they have made their equivalent of a king’s ransom, they return home, fat on our benefits or wages, to live wealthy lives.

Now let us quickly go through the booklet, which I received today. Check it out for yourself.

On page one we have the title: ‘The government believes the UK should remain in the EU’. We are told that the booklet “sets out the facts” Facts? I have already shown that when we dig into the REAL facts, they are not so clear as government claims them to be! In reality, someone reading what I have said can argue back. Then, I could counter-argue. This is because government keeps several sets of figures, and their finance departments have their own sets of figures. This is a deliberate policy to confuse citizens. Government uses whichever set suits their purpose at the time.

“It (the booklet) shows some of the choices the UK would face if there were a vote to leave.” Sadly, most people are ‘government-speke innocents’; they have no idea what government is telling them or if it is true. The sentence I just quoted (in italics) is propaganda. This is because all it is saying is that we must choose from a future set of options, but the construction of the sentence implies that these choices will be bad ones if we leave. In itself, such a sentence is meaningless for it says absolutely nothing! It is just rhetorical, and not based on known facts.

Above this sentence is a short list of things that supposedly give us ‘special status’ within the EU... the EU being a false organisation that acts like a government. The ‘special status’ is vaunted as if the UK was a little boy being given a lollipop for being ‘good’!! But, it is also meaningless:

We will not join the Euro. Given the state of the Euro and the payouts to various countries for failing, only a fool would join it anyway!

We will keep our own border controls. This is deliberate deception. Our border controls are sanctioned by the EU, which also denies us the right to check fully those who claim to be asylum seekers (See my three articles on this), and who we CANNOT deport if they are known to be terrorists or killers, etc. This is further hampered by the Human Rights Commission. So, again, the claim is meaningless.

Also, we let in anyone from the EU. This is demanded and expected. Examples of this farce: government figures on immigration are massively twisted, deliberately. The government has allowed into the UK 1.5 MILLION migrants unaccounted for in their figures, which, nevertheless, are found in ONS statistics! In other words, we are being deceived (Daily Express and Daily Mail, 13th May 2016). As the Employment Minister rightly said – immigration is “out of control”. Huge numbers of National Insurance numbers have been issued, even though most who have them do not work (I covered this in another paper). The figures come down to a frightening EU migrant every 40 seconds! (Daily Mail). The UK has 4171 EU prisoners here, costing us a fortune. Only two a month are ever sent back! As for terrorists, the EU stopped us deporting nine convicted men this week. The tale of woes is endless, and all are caused by being in the EU.

The UK will not be part of further European political integration. In reality, this means we MUST still be ruled by all and any policies and laws given to us by the EU to this point, if we remain! It also does not tell us of secret deals to be done, or of the way the EU moguls will twist the arms of UK officials to comply. Or, as I suspect, of an about-turn the EU will do on any ‘deals’ it agrees with the UK. Once we vote to stay in, we will be unable to complain. Already, Germany (Merkel again!) is close to unveiling an Europe-wide armed forces separate from NATO. And, France has warned that even if we vote to stay IN, the EU will penalise the UK for daring to have a vote.

There will be tough new restrictions on access to our welfare system for new EU migrants. Thus far all the points speak of what ‘will’ come. In other words, they have not yet been finalised, so can change; they are speculative. Also note something vital... the largest numbers to enter Europe are NOT EU citizens, but millions of Muslims from non-EU countries! Any restrictions do not cover these. And the ‘deals’ already secured are next to worthless anyway, as many in the media state. We can be assured, too, that the UK would not want to be ‘shamed’ by millions of migrants who are not given benefits or housing, so they WILL be supported in some way or another.

We have a commitment to reduce EU red tape. This is something else that has no real meaning. However, it does tell us that the ‘red tape’ is already far too much, harming our industries and small businesses forced to close by EU interference. Even so, government says we will have to engage in red tape if we leave! So, there will be no true difference, especially as the UK is one of the largest EU customers and exporters! It is all flim-flam!

A Stronger Economy

The very first paragraph does not tell the truth. It tells us how strongly we sell cars to the EU... but note how the official figures say otherwise! The latest figures show a deficit in car sales to the EU. It could be that this figure will become more positive with time. What the stats show is simply that sales of anything can go up as well as down, regardless of who we are trading with! The table on the page shows how many are employed in various industries, alongside exports. But, take pharmaceuticals... in this industry, too, there has been a recent dramatic fall in exports to the EU.

ANYTHING can damage our industries, not just membership or otherwise of the EU!! As for foreign investors... they will invest where a country is strong. We can be strong in or out of the EU! The arguments just do not ring true. And remember, the word ‘linked’ (see caption box on photo) is used very specifically. It does NOT mean ‘reliant on’ or ‘causing’ exports. The ‘link’ is not explained nor is it accurate!

Improving Our Lives

The booklet speaks of an ‘economic shock’ hitting Britain if we left the EU. Please remember that all the claims made in the booklet are speculative and not actual. They are not actual because we have not voted to come out yet and no-one can predict what will happen! They are just ‘worst case scenarios’ invented by a government that wants us to be ruled by the EU. Note also the other words of speculation... “would put pressure on”, “risk higher prices”, “damage living standards”. These are all speculative! Prices of goods, food and finances have all risen throughout the years, and living standards have been badly affected anyway by the EU, immigration, and intense laws and policies that have been anti-person.

The living standards of genuine Christians have shown decline since homosexual laws were demanded by both government and the EU. Christians have lost jobs (not all are heralded publicly, my own included), and so our cost of living has increased. And to say that it would be harder for us to access EU markets is much overplayed – so what? We make out more paperwork... so? This would increase costs? Again – so? The cost of living in the UK has been greater than most other EU countries anyway, mainly because we do not complain.

Travel Abroad

As the bottom line says – “some argue little would change”. And they are right! EU countries will still want our trade and custom. They will not want to lose us as travellers! And so what if travel is a little harder to effect, it is a very feeble reason to remain in a fascist organisation! Easier travel does not make it any the more attractive to stay in the EU, which sanctions and controls every aspect of our lives.

In the final sentence on this page, we are warned that there are “no guarantees”. In reality no-one has guarantees anyway! Who can guarantee the future, in or out of the EU? One thing I CAN guarantee is that if we vote to stay in the EU, then all kinds of demands will be made, and some will be punitive if we vote to leave. We will elect to have a federal EU armed force, but countries filled with Muslims who hate us. So, certain guarantees CAN be made, but none of them are beneficial.

What Happens if we Leave?

To say that leaving the EU would “create years of uncertainty” and “potential economic disruption” is yet another speculation! Learn to read government language for what it really is! It is all rhetorical! Government and big business have a vested interest in staying in the EU. The rest of us are left to flounder!

Leaving would reduce investment and cost jobs? More speculation! Even if things become harder, this is better than staying in an organisation that has a proven fascist mind and which increases its control over Europe with every day it exists, destroying our culture and freedom with mass Islamic immigration.

One thing we CAN say with certainty – to remain in a fascist totalitarian organisation that continually removes our sovereignty will result in a future dictatorship that will harm us all. Merkel proves my point. No matter what Britain says, she gets her own way! The rest of this page is also speculative. But, even if true, it would be suicidal to accept the EU as our leader, just for the sake of a few better deals. We must get back our sovereignty and ability to self-rule.

Controlling Immigration and Securing Our Borders

Securing Our Borders

Laughingly, the booklet says we control our own borders. This is not what reality and publicly-known facts tell us! Do we ‘check everyone’? No, we do not. The Border agents tell us so; relatively few are checked. And many EU nationals who are later shown to be criminals also negate the claim. Leaving the EU would give us greater control, one that we should have had all along.


We have negotiated a deal to make the UK less attractive? I do not think so, and those who come still insist on coming anyway. If they cannot get benefits, they will simply do criminal acts. This is made far easier because even if caught, they just run back to their own countries. And all these people need do is bring children with them – then they can hide under the Human Rights laws. As for gaining access to the free market (there is not one within the EU – it is ruled by Merkel) in return for allowing EU nationals entry to this country – just stop it!

On one page the booklet says we can control our borders. On this page it says we cannot – we must give up checks and stoppages so that we can gain a few contracts, even though they have nothing to do with the contracts. This is one of the things I hate about the EU, the way it intimidates to get its own way. Some might be quite happy with that kind of thing, But I am not... I know that when a bully rules, he will just carry on and make more demands, making life a misery. Is this what you really want? If it is, then YOUR choice destroys MINE.

Keeping Us Safer

This paragraph must surely be a sick joke? Since when has cross-Europe policing stopped terrorists and criminals? We only have to see what is now happening throughout Europe, where Islamic males terrorise countries and localities, rape at will, steal and kill without charges. They are even rewarded for doing these things. 1000 suspects have faced justice? That is like a drop of water in the ocean. It is, as I said, a sick joke. Merkel invited untold millions of Muslims into Europe, then demands that ALL of us must help take the load!

Amongst those Muslims are VERY few actual refugees; the MAJORITY (over 80%) are ‘economic migrants’ coming here to take whatever they can for nothing, and giving nothing back. Almost none of them want to work and almost all of them are unemployable anyway. And the rest are terrorists, possibly numbering many thousands. When they do what is wrong, the courts let them go, the police are stopped from arresting them, and they are given benefits and not deported. So, please, tell us how the UK is ‘safer’ in the EU! And now London has foolishly elected a Muslim (connected to extremists) as mayor, things will get much worse.

The Benefits of EU Membership

There is no stability or peace within the EU. It is a fallacy and propaganda. Many member countries are at each other’s throats and the overall economic condition is very poor. Read European facts and figures as I do... it is not rocket science! Merkel is the true leader of the EU and nothing happens without her consent. Thus, after WW2 Germany has at last captured Europe.

No powers can be transferred to the EU without a referendum?? We have seen how long it took to get the coming referendum on the road – if it takes so long with each major issue, we will get nowhere. And even if a referendum to leave is successful, no doubt the EU will again interfere, as it did infamously with Ireland, who had to keep voting until the people gave the ‘right’ answer... the one the EU wanted.

We will have a say in the EU rules if we stay? No, we will have our voice heard ONLY if we agree with the EU. If we do not, we will be ignored. This has happened consistently – anything we say makes no difference. Cameron is fooling himself (or just lying) if he thinks he can make a difference. The EU will only ‘give in’ to his demands because they think it will influence the people to vote to stay in! And if we do, we will again be ignored, and controls will get far worse. Those who valiantly read everything we have published on EU matters will know that what I am saying is right. It is all in black and white.

“For every £1 paid in tax, a little over 1p goes to the EU”. So what? Extortion is extortion!! I remember one night the church I then attended had a meeting about giving money to the Baptist Union (which harbours heresy). I openly defied the pastor and when he said that “We only give about 1p out of every one pound”, I was forced to say that the amount is not the issue – we should not give money to apostates! In other words, all of life is covered by principles. If we ignore them, we sink lower in our morality and integrity. We get far less back from the EU than we pay in. So, why pay it at all?? And why accept subjugation that eliminates our freedoms? Better to be free, with a good conscience. Nothing in the EU is transparent and a vast sum is paid to keep corrupt officials in place, who consistently refuse to be held accountable, or even to be audited! That is OUR money they are spending or keeping for themselves!

Opportunities for you and your children?

So what if the EU ‘allows’ us to stay, work and study in Europe? Others from non-EU countries do exactly the same! More awkward? So what! The EU “also guarantees many employment rights”... but, who wants to leave the UK to work in a country that pays far less, and gives less in benefits? Only those in high-flying jobs will benefit – bankers and similar.

The UK is a “leading force in the world”? Yes, we used to be. Now, we are just EU vassals, unable to lead ourselves, let alone the world. We ‘get our way’ with many issues? No, we do not. Research for yourselves – the EU ignores us. (This was made public by us a few weeks ago).

EU action “helped prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons”?

Perhaps someone should tell Iran that! It is well on the way to making a nuclear bomb and has developed long-range rockets to penetrate Israel!

Then we get to a really stupid claim – that the UK leads the world on tackling climate change! Nobody can change the weather. It is a fool’s errand costing us billions and raising our taxes for no reason. Yet, the EU plans on using billions more of our taxes for the same ridiculous reasons. If you doubt my words, read my 2008 book (second edition) on the real facts. If you look at the real facts, you will find that the ‘climate change’ issue is just the old ‘global warming’ issue remarketed. And nothing it proposes is valid scientifically. (I prove this in my 2008 book, ‘The Global Green Agenda’).

The Warning

Few ordinary citizens are able to access real facts, or know what to do, when it comes to most issues. But, I can assure you that the claims made by those who want us to stay in the EU are either invalid or partial truths; or just lies. Governments have a vested interest in staying in, and it is almost a ‘right’ that Euro people stick up for each other, no matter what, because each is as corrupt as the other. The same happens amongst politicians within each country, with very few truthful members.

The fact is that Britain was duped into joining by Edward Heath. At the time, in the late 60s and early 70s, many of us knew it was all a scam, and we said so. Like me, many voted not to join what was to become the EU, because we could see what would happen. And it did, and continues to do so! The biggest problem is that the EU covers its tracks well, and comes at us with layered plans, laws and policies that are so numerous that few can withstand them. So the EU gets its way time and again. It is not transparent and owes accountability to no-one.

The EU was behind the Human Rights laws that gave homosexuals immense freedoms to attack Christians, and Islamists freedom to come to our countries and attack us. Our own freedom, to act as a sovereign state, has been taken away, and everything demanded by the EU we must do... as I noted a few years ago, Britain is the only country to obey every EU rule, every time one is issued. Aligned with this is the way UK politicians no longer do what their voters want of them. They just do whatever they wish, just like Merkel. Do you really think this is all just a coincidence?

I have followed the foul machinations of the EU from the beginning and know that if we stay in its prison, we will never again get out. We must regain sovereignty and ignore the bizarre but totalitarian demands of an unelected group that forces us to comply with every insanity it puts out.

Christians especially are under threat. And Christian mindlessness is becoming the norm, especially when churches lend support to allowing in Muslim migrants without checks, thus making our country a terror-spot. And anyone with a grudge against God, us, or scripture, is allowed to be so without penalty or criticism, including homosexuality, environmentalism, atheism, socialism... you name it and it is all thrown at us. This will increase dramatically if we vote to stay in the EU. If we remain, as Christians we are willingly submitting our necks to wicked rulers!

But, my warnings over the years are not just pertinent to Christians. They apply to ANYONE who loves freedom and the option to be critical. The current PC attitudes forced upon us by the left will increase greatly if we stay in, and will silence all who wish to question bad decisions, lifestyles and evil actions. We Christians are just the litmus paper, or, if you prefer, the canaries in the coal mine. What happens to us will be what happens to everybody who resists.

Read our previous warnings. Research the facts for yourself. Whatever Cameron claims is suspect, if not a direct lie. At any rate he is quoting half-truths. We MUST vote to leave the EU. Frankly, I do not care if the EU crashes and burns! Countries must learn to stand on their own two feet, and if the EU’s idea is to punish the UK if we leave, then this only proves how futile and totalitarian it is. We DID NOT VOTE ourselves into an economic union only for that union to morph into a totalitarian, fascist state swallowing up all countries in its path!

Think clearly, reader. Think freely while you can! Even read how Germany became a Nazi state... because the same movements are within the EU. Vote to leave the EU, or become a willing slave of a fascist super-state run by Germany, atheists, and Islam. The latter alone will decimate us as a nation. The writing is on the wall – but will you read it and act? And the sword is dangling above us held only by a thin thread.

For those who say Christians should not argue politics... politics is just a part of life. If we do not engage it, then those who are foul will get away with immorality and unethical behaviour in our name... much as they do today! Their presence is a stink in the nostrils of God. If we said nothing at all, government will run riot over our freedoms and souls. By standing up for God’s truth and His values, we can at least show ourselves to be God’s people, and not pushed around to satisfy wickedness.

It would be wonderful if biblical norms once again ruled our nation, but our involvement with politics is not about open success, even though we would like it to be so. Rather, our role is to make a firm stand, to be on the Lord’s side, and to urge our country to see that benefits are not just monetary! We must show that freedom of thought and expression are vital to everyone – with the exception of those who wish to subvert us and throw us into a cess-pit. (See my article on ‘free speech’).

At this time the cess-pit mentality is winning. If we do not make a stand, then our enemies will think we do not care and will just stamp us underfoot for their own pleasure... with no actual spiritual or godly benefit in sight. Giving in is not being a martyr – it is being stupid and ungodly, with a great dash of cowardice thrown in.

Vote to leave the EU if you want genuine freedom and sovereignty, Vote to stay in if you do not care about God or man, and only want a quiet life... until the EU demands even more from you.

© 13 May 2016

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH United Kingdom