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Party General Election 2015 Promises are like shop-stock"If we win the election we will..." do this or that.

Each Party is making these promises.

But, do you recognise what is really going on?

Parties are offering rewards to those who vote for them.

It is nothing but marketing of Party stock.

Anything wrong with that?

Yes – there is everything wrong with it!

Why is it wrong?

Because MPs are not there to invent things to offer us – they are there to be our servants!!

Instead, they act like self-existing shops, buying and selling stock (products) THEY want us to have.

Can't you see that? Can't you see the fundamental problem with it?

Firstly, the Party system is corrupt and wrong. We should be voting for those who will do OUR bidding, not what their Parties want to do.

Secondly, these promises are just the same as sales stock... instead of being things they should be doing anyway. If they are promising these things NOW – why couldn't they just do them BEFORE? It is because they hold them back as incentives. In reality there should be no incentives to vote for them – only an acknowledgement to obey what voters want.

The whole thing is corrupt. And no matter if 99% of what they offer is valuable – the fact that they intend doing me harm means that the remaining 1%... Islamicisation, Homosexualisation, and EU submission... is serious enough to stop me from voting.

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THOSE WHO AIM TO HARM ME, OR DEROGATE GOD – and I will keep saying it until the coming fake election is over! Any vote made makes no real difference. This has always been the opinion of many, but now it is true.

As some political commentators have observed, all parties are now taking a socialist line.

And each Party intends doing Christians immense harm.