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For me, the coming UK election is going to mark the beginning of either a public denunciation of politics, or of a public agreement with it.

UK General Elections ballot box

What do I mean? Sarah Palin, the Vice-Presidential candidate in the USA, knows exactly what I mean! She hates politics, too! For her it is a shady and nasty business that gets in the way of genuine administration; it is based on personal greed and corporate secrecy; and it benefits no-one except the politicians. Palin tried her very best to be ‘real’ but her campaign bosses completely stopped her from speaking her mind, to the detriment of the campaign and her own well-being. The USA lost a fine VP, who would have blown ‘politics’ wide open. And that’s why the media “fixed her real good”! They spiked her chances so badly she never recovered. And they continued to do so after the elections, trying to ruin her financially, personally and career-wise, as is the way of Barack Obama and socialists.

So, are you SURE you want to vote for ‘politics’ and those who govern its extremely slippery operations in parliament? To vote for any of the three main parties is to vote for more of the same, but under a different name. Frankly, giving me names of ‘good’, or even ‘Christian’ MPs already in office do not move me! All MPs are part of the same corrupt system. Even those who are fine human beings and genuine in their desires are next to useless, because they are ruled by their lords and masters above them. Of course, if they stood up for what is right, rather than for party lines or ‘politics’ they would not last long. THAT IS WHY WE MUST STAND UP OURSELVES, AND BE COUNTED!

How Should We Vote?

According to her campaign bosses, during the electioneering process, they said Sarah Palin was “going rogue” when she dared to speak her mind against their wishes. As a result, she was forced to give up her job as Governor of Alaska, almost ruined by a Democrat socialist agenda designed to get rid of her. It is no different in the UK.

Anyone who speaks out against the usual political process will be shot down in flames. But, I’m used to being shot down and, frankly, I really don’t care what some think of me. If I am ‘going rogue’ in the eyes of fellow Christians, then let it be. But I DO know that ONLY ONE issue really matters right now!

My answer to ‘who to vote for?’ will be called all kinds of things, and none of them pleasing or friendly….

We are told we ‘MUST’ vote for one of the three main parties (Consrvatives, Labout, Liberal Democrats), or everything will collapse. My response is – that would be wonderful. Even if it meant the country falling apart at the seams. Why? Because the current system is so corrupt it is like trying to keep a corpse warm… no reason, except to make it look alive! Let’s get rid of the dead wood called ‘politics’ and start again!

Each of the three main parties is corrupt. We all know it. But, they have the gall to think they can get away with it. So, why put up with it? 

Christians are those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His laws. We are not to follow corrupt and sinful persons. Yet, each election day we duly vote for people whose lives are both corrupt and sinful! Even if we are able to vote for an isolated Christian, he or she is bound by the same corrupt and sinful system. IT IS NOW TIME FOR A CHANGE. And I don’t mean ‘change’ in the same way as Barack Obama uses it, to bring in totalitarian socialism!

I mean change for Christians. We are fast heading for the One World government prophesied in scripture. As I have shown in my various books and in my Canada Free Press column, with plenty of evidences, the whole world is soon to fall to communism. It is just a matter of time. That is why Christians must now stand and be counted. And I don’t just mean in the UK – I believe ‘free’ Christians must do the same thing everywhere in the world… until the time comes when they are no longer free – then another response may be needed. Until then, whilst they live in a notionally free country, they must become vocal, firm and true.  

(This kind of talk is not liked by some Christians, who think we must just submit to what is inevitable, believing it to be ‘more Christian’. Not so!! We must ALWAYS stand up for truth and against deception and lies, inside or outside the churches).

Party Lines

Every party promises all kinds of things and have all kinds of policies. Forget haggling over these… look at what really matters in this day.

For example, I absolutely loathe the environmental scam. It will bring heartache, financial disaster, and so many other socially-harmful things upon all of society. It will also bring us full-fledged socialism in general. But, even this latest world-dominating theme comes second to what truly matters in government terms.

What is the primary concern of our time?

(Again I speak in governmental terms). It is the imposition of PC – political correctness. More than that, I refer to the PC that covers the vile trade in sexual misbehaviours, as typified by the homosexual lobby (because it is a ‘lobby’). Since homosexual activists began their vicious march across the world in the past decade or so, Christians have been their main target of hatred, and also, by their silence, their main support!

Homosexuals and their propagandised allies are creating laws designed to cruelly and viciously attack Christians and Christianity. Don’t believe the claim that they aren’t doing this – the proofs are with us constantly. The new pro-gay law movement (I call it that because gays want plenty more laws) are nothing to do with ‘equality’: they are to do with silencing anyone who stands in their way. It includes stopping Christian witness and reference to what God says about sexual perversion…. Noticed the growing number of groups wanting to get rid of ALL Christian or Biblical arguments and public texts? It stops Christians from giving honest opinions and from living a life they want, of morality and decency.

These are current harms in our society and we either fall under the roller and be crushed or we stand up and oppose. The very reason we are in this mess is because Christians did not stand up earlier. As I have said before, I began my opposition in 1985 – but no-one, and I literally mean ‘no-one’, stood by my side, not even a certain ‘Christian’ group now fighting against laws that harm Christians, a group that sent me a most sarcastic email when I sought their help; no-one bothered to take up the cause. So we are almost obliterated. Fail this time and Christians will be responsible for their own demise.

The Facts

The latest accusation by atheistic know-alls is that Christians only argue from a position of ‘dogma’. This is true! I have listened to so many believers who think all they must do is quote scripture. Fine… but a secular world is unimpressed, and unless the scripture is defined and explained, it is, to them, as remote and unintelligible as it can get! You need hard-nosed facts as well. In fact, the best way forward is to quote those hard-nosed facts well before you give your Bible quotes, which are best put into brackets, following a modern-worded statement based on the scripture quoted.

Surely this is caving-in to wickedness? No, it is pushing them at the right pressure point. Anyone who is not a believer is unable to understand scripture or God’s demands. But, they all know about disease, political ploys, psychological trickery, philosophical stupidity and how things can affect their own lives. That is why we must start with these and bring in faith later, much later. To them, faith is as foolish as believing the moon is made of cheese!

Get their attention with hard facts… hard-nosed statements need hard facts, aimed between the eyes, with maximum impact. For this you need facts. For example:

The medical facts about homosexuality are stark and foreboding, for every member of the human race. The economic facts are that society pays vast sums to get rid of AIDS and to pay for treatments, when, all along, it is gays who caused it. The moral fact is that marriage between a virgin male and virgin female would totally eliminate AIDS in a generation! This was declared by experts when AIDS first started to cull the human race, but gay activists cleverly complained and hid the facts. The social fact is that homosexuality ruins society as a whole, destroys families, and creates a neutered community unable to produce children.

Russia discovered this to their cost, and then reversed their pro-gay laws! They KNOW the stupidity of giving homosexuality protection and freedom from social derogation. It is also fact that homosexual laws produce a dull society oppressed by illogical legal requirements, people who are forced to remain silent in the face of truth and reality, and the removal of choices. In reality it is insane and irrational to support or protect homosexuality.

The religious fact is that ‘people of faith’ are treated as animals by homosexuals, to be herded and destroyed. The faith of Christians is treated with utter contempt (don’t be fooled by so-called ‘gay Christians’, because they are fakes). But, what gays do not understand is that ‘people of faith’ also include Muslims and many others! And the totalitarianism of gays is being felt by atheists, too. So, a backlash WILL occur. There are other facts, too. If you want full details, just ask – we’ve got plenty!

Tell Them!

Don’t let the media get away with it – write in with as many individual letters as possible. Don’t let homosexuals get away with it. Don’t let political parties get away with it. Very simply, if you vote for any of the three main parties, you are voting for your own demise and oppression! If the main parties insist on creating even more pro-gay laws, then don’t vote for them – but TELL THEM BEFORE VOTING DAY! I have done so, several times!

Sadly, there are too many fake Christians around, more than willing to side with homosexuals. They will attack you just like their pals, homosexuals. But, if you do not stand firm now, this election will probably be your last as a free person, because many new pro-gay laws are planned. And not just laws… once they get their new laws, they will press on with more extreme activities and then demand freedom and ‘protection’ for them, too! And I am talking about the most vile forms of wickedness. Too few people know the truth about homosexuality. That is how it has gained in favour… they trade on ignorance. 

Of course, this paper might be called ‘hate speech’! In fact, ANYTHING not said by homosexuals is ‘hate speech’!! But, if it stood on its own merits, it would be just a reasonable opposition to a very biased view and lifestyle. Each fact can destroy gay claims – and that is why they are denied publication and public debate!

To go back to Sarah Palin. She outlines the vicious attacks on her by PC Democrats and talks of their agenda. The PC agenda, used so mightily by gays, is now pushing the agenda of the three main parties. You either fight them or you lose, even before you vote. Bear this in mind – what is called ‘PC’ was the driving force behind both Nazi Fascism and Russian communism. The same thing is now behind all movements that want to destroy Christian witness and Christians themselves, from homosexuality to immigration to Islam. Stand and be counted, or be silent as usual and lose.

Many Christian publications have given out ‘advice’ on what questions to ask MP candidates. Many give lists of things that are ‘important’. Yes, many of them are important. But, not as important as this single factor. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS ONLY ONE THING – HOMOSEXUAL LAWS! Everything else pales into the background. Why? Because if homosexual laws take away our freedom to speak and show our faith, everything else is pointless and anything we then say is useless.

Don’t get sidetracked! Oppose pro-homosexual laws and seek freedom!

I know what I am talking about… I was opposing homosexual propaganda 20 years before other Christians even bothered! And I suffered for doing so. Though it was a privilege to stand on the side of Christ, it was also sad, for fellow believers stayed silent.

Tell your MP that you will NOT vote for him if he stands for pro-homosexual laws that harm Christians. And EVERY pro-homosexual law WILL harm you, just as present pro-homosexual laws already harm Christian witness and freedom of speech. In political terms this is your last opportunity to make any difference and to side with God’s word. 

© 18 April 2010

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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