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The implications of the UKIP and David Silvester incident

James Waddell and Barry Napier have followed the case of Mr Silvester, a UKIP councillor who spoke of his Christian belief, that the recent floods are a result of God's judgment on the country for its support for gay laws and activities. (Mr Farage reacted to a personal Christian view, with a political answer, when he was ignorant of why Christians think like this). We both contacted Mr Farage and UKIP Central Office with our complaints and concerns. The following emails were sent, and we also published our concerns on our website. Below are these items. Mr Farage has given permission for us to publish the emails. These are listed in real time-line format, to make your reading easier... thus the oldest item is put first.

Despite assurances, we remain unconvinced that UKIP will allow for Christian free speech if UKIP comes to power. On the other hand, to be fair, this is our current belief and not stated fact by UKIP. It is just that we had similar 'assurances' from My Blair and Mr Cameron before they were elected, and we now know how spurious those assurances were... they wanted Christian votes but reneged on their assurances very quickly, once in power.

Readers must read these emails and come to their own conclusions, but we ask them to be realistic and not 'hope against hope'. A political party is not a religious organisation as Mr Farage says, but, as scripture clearly teaches, they MUST obey and act according to God's laws, or be judged. God, not politics, rules our world and lives, even if, at the moment, fascist and Marxist ideologies have tried to remove all godly influence.

The date of each email or website statement is given first, followed by web page or email content.

UKIP - Time for Truth! (News item, BTM Website, 28th January, 2014)

(Email from KB Napier 28 January 2014)

My co-worker, James, recently challenged Nigel Farage/UKIP over Christian issues.

Typically, he received PC replies!!

But, today (these are my own views) Farage showed his true colours, and Christians who have voted UKIP should review their ideas. I refer to his comments that took up the front page of The Times today (28th January 2014).

It had the effect of encouraging a cartoon at bottom right of the front page. In it is a man sitting at a UKIP HQ desk. A poster on the wall said "You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps" (implying that Silvester, and thus all Christians in UKIP, are mad).

While UKIP councillor, David Silvester, was a little naïve and careless by giving his Christian beliefs and signing them off under his UKIP title (Update: alledgedly the UKIP affiliation was added by the newspaper), Farage has done a 'night of the long knives' job on him! The fact that UKIP folks can make these mistakes is simply because they have not been issued UKIP guidelines. So, UKIP is as much at fault as poor old David Silvester!

But, something far more revealing has now emerged from Farage and he has finally shown me that my votes for UKIP are now ended. It is up to our readers to decide whether or not they can continue to vote for UKIP, but, for me, Farage – whose EU statements have been excellent thus far – has now declared his true views about Christians, and not just about Silvester. I am not one to cow-tow to anyone, including political figures and fake church leaders. So, I do not care what he thinks of my comments here... he had the opportunity to sweep the board by enlisting votes from Christians, but, for me, he has now blown it, as he tries to stifle free speech of his members and joins the PC elite, bowing down to external pressure, and implying that Christians are barmy.

The headline ran: "Wrong kind of people are in UKIP, Farage says". The article was quite specific, mentioning Silvester as one of those "wrong kinds", and, thereby, branding all Christian voters with actual biblical views as the "wrong kind". Worse than that, those who hold Christian views that the majority do not accept, were also branded as "barmy". NO? Then perhaps the reader should learn how to 'join the dots' (because) This is EXACTLY what Farage is intimating!

In this respect I would direct the reader to my articles elsewhere about Obama's aims, written well before his current egomaniacal trips took real effect... I warned that his use of Executive Orders were a way of circumventing the laws of the country and Congress. Several years later, I am proved right. This is because I dared to 'join the dots'. I urge Christians to do this NOW, before any further UKIP votes are given. For myself, I am now left with no valid political party to vote for.

I predict, too, that as time progresses, Farage and UKIP will veer strongly towards the middle PC range of politics, thus making them indistinguishable from any other party. The future began to look brighter when UKIP began its quest. Now, UKIP appears to be just another mirage, to be ignored.

Farage refers to "Walter Mitty" characters who are "damaging UKIP". That is not the way to address either councillors like Silvester, or the general Christian voters. He might now argue that his remarks were NOT addressed to Christian voters – but he is badly wrong!

Like all other parties who realised too late just how many votes Christians can give, he has ignored what Christians really believe, and why they are now feeling stranded and barred by all political parties. He would find that all genuine Christians would be labelled as "barmy" and the "wrong kind", because we ALL have similar thoughts to those expressed by Silvester! That is, that God punishes a nation when it turns to gross sin and wicked immorality. This can even be evidenced sociologically.

Farage is correct – the "wrong kind" of people ARE in UKIP, but many are now in UKIP leadership!... and, it seems, he is the leader of this barmy army, by kicking Christians in the teeth and, by dealing so harshly with Silvester and making his own outrageous judgments, he has immediately thrown all Christian voters into the trash can. (Editor: Farage would not have dealt so terminally with Silvester if he had been a gay saying that Christians are responsible for today's woes).

The awful statements by Godfrey Bloom were certainly foul, but they are in a very different league from those made by siklvester... but is not Farage aware that most high-office ministers and MPs make their own foul statements every day? Yet, they are allowed to get away with it. The Prime Minister himself has made barmy statements – those concerning the praise and support of homosexuality being a prime example.

Make no mistake, Farage can see victory for UKIP in the far distance. So, he is now adopting the PC brigade uniform and is using the same disabling statements used by the other PC parties. He has now lost my respect and vote. Silvester should have been more cautious. He should have given his views as his own Christian beliefs and not under the UKIP banner... but this was just an error, not a deliberate attempt to undermine UKIP!

UKIP should now admonish him but allow him to continue. Then, they should issue media guidelines. If they do not, they will lose not just my vote, but the vote of many other Christians. As it now stands, his casting out from polite society was the result of fear of gays and for no other valid reason.

Farage might look upon me and our website as 'nothing' or even as 'barmy' – but he should know that our website is read by many thousands of Christians every day. And I am sure that none of them likes being called "barmy" or as having "eccentric views". Like us, they hold to biblical truth and teaching. Like us they believe governmental support for the foul perversion of homosexuality is not just unbiblical but completely out of order for legal promotion. Many of us believe God certainly DOES punish people for their wickedness. AIDS is just one means God has used to punish homosexuality, and so flooding of the UK could possibly be another judgment of God on this nation. Be assured – the UK IS being judged by God.

The main point I am making is that Farage has no business making fun of Christians and encouraging newspapers to join in the laugh at our expense! He has therefore shown just as much lack of true judgment as Silvester!

UKIP is now at the cusp of political success and could easily overtake the other parties. But, let it beware of angering, insulting and disappointing Christian voters... or, for that matter ANY voter who values free speech and obliteration of PC pandering to very small perverse minorities. They have already lost my vote, and I will never again support UKIP in any way, unless they sort this debacle out right now! The present government is run not by parliament but by Stonewall. So is Labour. And so, it seems is UKIP, who is more afraid of less than 1% of homosexual voters than of losing a far greater percentage of Christian voters.

UKIP – it is now up to you. If you believe Christians – whether or not they express their beliefs – are "barmy", and you will not allow Christian UKIP officers to express their private views, then you do not deserve the support you have thus far gained from Christian voters. If you now want to lose us, then go ahead and insult us further. And why not? After all, the UK government, the EU, and homosexuals, do it anyway. Note that you are more than willing to insult the Christian community, but will not insult the gay community! (Ed. Gay activists SHOULD be castigated for the real harm they inflict on Christians, and all right-thinking people, everywhere, and for their foul lifestyle choices, which are gross sin, which affect every person in the world). No-one is asking you to do that – we just ask that we are allowed equal say to balance gay propaganda.

Additional notes from Dr Waddell, next day:

Hi Barry

Read here the final update on the saga.

It is disappointing that David Silvester said he did not want to insult the gay community (The Telegraph, 5 February 2014). No concessions should be made. Christ never said he apologised for the offence he gave to the Pharisees and others by stating God's word.

It is interesting to note that allegedly the original letter was written in his own name and the newspaper added his UKIP affiliation.

Also note UKIP wants nothing to do with his comments or call to homosexuals to repent. The vote was unanimous to distance UKIP from his views.

As my school maths teacher used to say and write with gusto on the black board after a lengthy mathematical proof 'QED'.

QED is an abbreviation of the Latin words "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" which loosely translated means "that which was to be demonstrated".

UKIP has demonstrated they want nothing to do with true biblical Judeo /Christian values. The pretence is over.

The libertarian ideology of UKIP, see Fighting Bull by Nigel Farage (I have read it), only accepts religion and Christians as far as it is expedient, otherwise its mantra is to "do what is right in your own eyes". When Israel did what was right in their own eyes they were condemned by God and judged. It is what God says that is to govern the individual and nations, not our own ideas which come from a fallen nature.



(KB Napier Email Dated 11th February 2014)

For Mr Farage

Dear sir,

I have watched your fearless MEP speeches with delight.

But, your latest denial of Christians who speak out has caused me to remove my vote for UKIP.

Fine – if UKIP prefers Christians to differentiate their Christian views from UKIP ones, that is okay. But, what you have said is disparaging to those very Christians who have thus far helped to brought UKIP to the fore. And the way the Silvester thing was handled played right into the hands of gays, who loathe Christians with a vengeance. To them you are now 'in their pocket'! I have also received other material about your views that support my 'joining of the dots' to see UKIP as yet another mid-stream, PC-riddled party once it gains more power. My friend, you have made a big mistake and it has been noted.

An email sent to me by Dr Waddell adds to my own judgment. (Ed. Shown above).

We urge you to think hard. The number of Christian voters is very much larger than gay voters. Yet you appear to curry favour with those who would inflict AIDS on the world, plus anarchy. This happened with New Labour and with Cameron! So, we see nothing more of good coming from UKIP, even if we come away from the EU. I find it very sad, for I truly hoped UKIP would be different. Instead, it preaches praise for Christian values out of one side of the mouth, and PC pro-gay mantras out of the other side!

All we want is equal opportunity to speak out as Christians... and with homosexuals there is plenty to speak out against. That you think it is all twaddle is irrelevant, just as I think your pronouncements on the matter are irrelevant. (Ed. Because he speaks out of ignorance of what Christians are and believe). What IS relevant is the freedom to speak out, unshackled by PC mind-death. Then, let the British public choose what they prefer... and if the truth is voiced about homosexuality I know what they will choose!

If you reply, which I doubt, it will be pro-PC and pro-gay... unless you can show true leadership and concern for the freedom of speech for everybody. That is all we ask for... freedom from what is essentially a fascist mind-set promoted and forced by homosexuals. To say we are extremely disappointed is an understatement.

(Email from Mr Farage's office: Dated 11th February 2014)

Dear Dr Napier

Thank you for your email, Mr Farage has asked me to reply.

Cllr Silvester's suspension was not prompted by an aversion to Christian views or a desire to suppress free speech: UKIP is proud that its members may hold whatever personal views they please, and Mr Farage is on record as having called for a more robust defence of Christian morality.

However, when elected representatives speak out the public assumes that they speak for the party. Cllr Silvester expressed personal views but I am told that he repeatedly did not make this clear. Initially Mr Farage supported Mr Silvester's right to his own views and Mr Silvester was advised by UKIP's press officers not to give any more interviews - but I understand that he insisted on giving more and that the media began to confuse his personal views with those of UKIP because they assume that if he continues to speak to the media UKIP has endorsed what he says. It is for this indiscipline towards press advice that he was suspended.

UKIP is a political party, it is not a vehicle for the promotion of religion (Ed. This is an insulting statement to make. We KNOW this already) - in this instance the party does not believe that flooding is caused by same sex marriage legislation or divine retribution, rather that it is more likely that the hand of the EU was at work:-



UKIP's opposition to the Same-Sex Marriage Bill was based on constitutional principles and a defence of those who hold a personal view on marriage that is at odds with that espoused by the secular state, as explained in UKIP's response to the government consultation (which can be seen at http://www.ukip.org/content/ukip-policies/2863-ukip-response-to-the-governments-consultation-on-samesex-marriage ).

UKIP will continue to stand-up for freedom of religion but it is not itself a religious organisation.

Thank you again for writing to us.

Yours sincerely

Benjamin Wrench
The Office of Nigel Farage MEP, Brussels

(Email from Barry Napier: Dated 11th February 2014)

Thankyou for your email, but it seems neither of you have read what was said and you are side-stepping the main issues.

I am not stupid and know UKIP is not a religious organisation! But I AM a voter!

We merely want an equal playing field and, just as Silvester did not make it absolutely clear he was not speaking on behalf of UKIP, so Mr Farage has been unclear as to whether or not he supports gay propaganda or upholds the right of Christians to speak. Yes, he must uphold the law, but he has no qualification to deny the views of Silvester. If he had  said Silvester foolishly spoke out as UKIP and he should not have, that would have been sufficient. But, Farage went further, making a religious judgment, when he has no idea what he was talking about.

Thus far, UKIP has come out (excuse the pun) VERY clearly with pro-gay voters in mind. He has done this by distancing himself from Christians who vote and by accepting the propaganda of gays who ALWAYS come out in force to complain about ANY Christian criticism, a criticism that is well deserved, whether by Christians or others. No, UKIP is not a religious organisation – but it is quite happy to garner Christian votes! It does not matter if a group is Christian, Muslim, dotty UFO fanatics, or gays... each should have an equal say in society. It is this lack of protection for free speech that has come out in the past few weeks... and to equate the words of Silvester and Bloom clearly shows a distinct lack of judgment. Bloom was extreme and foul; Silvester was merely expressing a Christian view.

Sorry, my friend, but I am more hard-nosed than many journalists and can see that UKIP will not stand by Christians for any reason... except to get more votes.

Farage either gives an unfudged non-PC indication that Christians have as much right to free speech as do gays, or he does not. It is that rudimentary.

As it now stands gays use law like a blunt instrument, and they loathe Christians. This is what we know and see, every day, and what Farage has, perhaps inadvertently agreed with. I have myself been at the vicious end of gay fanatics, so it isn't theory.

So, can Mr Farage answer me these important things...

Can he define what he means by respecting Christians?

(No, I'm not wanting a PC answer that says everything and nothing).

We want something more concrete than soothing words, before we can again vote UKIP, because three PMs before him have promised us freedom of speech, only to renege. Is he even aware of the awful predicament Christians are in, in the UK, because of gays?

Will he insist on free speech restored for Christians and not just for beligerent, hateful gays? (Ed. These should be constant questions asked of a future government).

Unless he can give such a clear statement, UKIP is no longer Christian-friendly and he will make it abundantly obvious that we have no hope in UKIP politics to protect us. We are tired of political expediency. Now let us see a truly refreshing attitude from UKIP.

Well – will Mr Farage look into this properly, without making us cringe? We are not stupid people and we recognise political expediency when we see it. Will he just wave a bit of paper before us – peace in our time – before we have a gay war crashing about our heads? Let me again put it in easy words – will UKIP guarantee freedom of speech for Christians, even if such speech offends gay sensibilities? It is easy to answer! And will he make sure that, in future, there is a definite written policy document telling Christian officials what they can and cannot say under the UKIP banner... but CAN say it if personal?

This matter requires a very clear statement, free of double-talk and pro-gay appeasement.

Dr Barry Napier

(Email from Mr Farage's office: Dated 11th February 2014)

Dear Dr Napier

Thank you again for your email. I will keep this short so that there is no misunderstanding:

Of course Christians have (or should have) as much right to free speech as anyone else – UKIP is against all discrimination of whatever kind (positive, negative, religious, racial or sexual) and is against political correctness because it stifles free speech... and if you need proof of this you should note that Mr Farage defended Mr Silvester's right to a personal opinion. The suspension, as I said, came later and was for failing to follow the advice of the press office.

Kind regards

Benjamin Wrench

The Office of Nigel Farage MEP, Brussels

(Email from Barry Napier: Dated 11th February 2014)

Thankyou. May I publish your answer, and the other email?

Then our readers can be up to date on what is happening.


Barry Napier

(reply from Mr Farage's office: Dated 12th February 2014)

Yes, by all means, thank you for asking.

Kind regards

Benjamin Wrench

The Office of Nigel Farage, Brussels

(Email in response, from Barry Napier: Dated 12th February 2014)

Dear Mr Wrench,

Thankyou for your permission to publish.

As a final note... I appreciate that UKIP is not 'religious', but I would advise that many Christians are now very wary of UKIP and see it as betraying the right of Christians to free speech, regardless of what Mr Farage has said on the matter. With regard to Mr Farage (whose MEP speeches are excellent), there is now a need for him to mull over how to respond to Christians... or lose our votes. All we ask for is that UKIP does not become yet another gay platform, because gays only want our downfall and silence. As for being PC... it is exactly how we interpret recent statements, even though we accept that Silvester had to be disciplined for ignoring party requirements. Farage's reactions went too far, and showed a distinct lack of support for free speech but a real support for gays, who he believes were upset... when all along it is they who have done immense damage to us, with the direct encouragement of political parties. I leave that to you, but can say that Christians (I mean genuine, not superficial, ones) will now be watching carefully, because even the simplest things said by UKIP can have far-reaching effects on an already besieged Christian Church.

Thankyou for your time.


Barry Napier

NOTE: There were other emails, from James Waddell (Letter 1: Suspension of David Silvester, Councillor Henley South Ward, from UKIP, Letter 2: Are Christians the "wrong kind of people in UKIP"?  )  to Mr Farage, but the ones we show here are sufficient to air our very real concerns. It is now up to the reader to remain aware, and to think of Mr Farage's replies carefully, coming to their own conclusions.

Do not vote for ANY party that supports gays to the extent of going beyond what is 'legal'... we must be assured that UKIP will not become gay-spokesmen, to do further damage to Christians and to God's laws. In particular, note what UKIP says and does before the next election! Do not be deceived by nice words... base what you think on what is actually said and done for or against Christians. For myself, I will not vote for any party, including UKIP, if these problems remain unanswered. This is because I truly believe I have properly 'joined the dots' and can see a real problem in UKIP. The UKIP reaction to Mr Silvester should have taken into account any damage done to Christian voters. Farage should not have apologised to gays for the remarks, though he was free to say they were not sanctioned by UKIP. We see what he said as a refusal to protect Christians, allowing gays to trample all over us. BE AWARE, Christians!