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"At its heart is the idea that the law is not simply the whim of the king, or the government." (BBC, 15 June 2015)

The Magna Carta, 1215, ended the unjust way King John made demands ostensibly on the barons.

It had points of principle that can be applied to others.

Sadly, both parties did not keep to their promises, and pope Innocent Third annulled it, though the king later unsuccessfully tried to reinstate it. Even so its principles are still valid.

Just two years after the Magna Carta came the Carta de Foresta, 1217, designed to remove the totalitarianism of the kings over ordinary people. Again, its principles are still useful.

Both Cartas were an attempt to take away illicit laws and replace them with just laws.

Today, governments are rampaging backwards in time to harm the people with illicit laws.

Just laws are being rapidly dismantled in favour of a very small number of harmful groups, such as homosexuals and Islamists. It seems the long age of justice is now at an end.

In his Gulag series (a very tightly written set of books), Alexander Solzhenitsyn documented how the Soviets wanted to get rid of certain classes of people. They wrote and implemented large numbers of illicit, unjust laws against them, even though they were doing nothing wrong.

In this way millions of people, primarily those endowed with a brain, were sent to Gulags or simply killed, thus destroying the very fabric of society and removing all whose minds were able to

think and give society progress and stability. The end result was a vast country run by morons.

It is very easy to criminalise whole groups of people you don't like. That is what is now happening to Christians. Because we stand in the way of societal engineering and imposition of immorality just by expressing our biblical views, governments are happily drafting draconian laws to silence and imprison us. In this kind of atmosphere death is but a short step away. At the moment

governments are bringing about Ethnocide – the destruction of values and beliefs by law. Next to this as a natural step, is Genocide itself. Not possible in the West? Hitler managed it!

Christians must stand firm and refuse to be criminalised. The 'Cartas' now being drafted reverse centuries of freedom, bringing in repugnant totalitarian thuggery, simply because atheists, homosexuals and violent Islamists don't like us or our views. There is no other valid reason to ban and arrest us, for we do no harm to anyone. Yet, they criminalise us anyway out of sheer spite and hatred for the God they claim does not exist. The sole purpose of these laws is to make criminals of law-abiding citizens. This is their sole purpose. Equality is NOT an issue, but a pretence to cover a Nazi-Marxist agenda that loathes God getting in the way of their wicked demands.