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Birth Certificate of Barack ObamaThough Obama has tried to silence those who question his eligibility to be president, people are now starting to take notice. Spurred on by Obama’s sliding popularity due to his awful socialist aims, they are ignoring his lawyers’ activities in putting a dark blanket over all attempts to smother enquiries.

But, at last, some in the media are about to ask questions. Tonight, in the USA, TV’s ‘Iconic Talk’ show, hosted by Lou Dobbs, will query Obama’s presidency. As I have said before, Obama got to his position by obliterating opponents by nasty and often illegal means. But his charismatic chat hid the truth and no-one bothered to check on it. Dobbs said he and his staff have been trying to unravel the truth and find it hard to understand what is going on. It is obvious that if Obama was truthful and straight-up, there would be no issues at all! If he was eligible, then an ordinary birth certificate would have sorted out the queries immediately.

CNN are also asking similar questions tonight, especially as an Army Major has refused to go out to serve in Afghanistan. He says that as Obama is not eligible to be president, all laws and commands he has issued thus far are invalid. Also, as a usurper, Obama has no right to be his Commander-in-Chief, and all his orders are illegal. If Obama is finally shown to be ineligible, the democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep him in office. But, if he goes, no order, law or policy he initiated will stand, but will be forced out.

Apparently, other media are also taking notice. About time! One radio show presenter, Lynn Samuels has outwardly accused Obama of lying about his birth certificate. In the USA at this time, that is really something! Meanwhile, the multiple law suits carry on pressing the courts to open an investigation. One is already promised.

The Pentagon, under instructions from Obama, quickly revoked the Major’s orders to go to Afghanistan – not something done normally for any reason, but it defused the situation so that it did not blow up in Obama’s face. It did not work, however, as more media are catching the scent. Some in the USA think that because Obama was born (under a totally different name) to a US woman in Kenya, that his mother’s citizenship allows him to also be a US citizen. But, according to US law, that is not the case. She had to live in the USA with her husband for at least ten continuous years for that to happen. There is also a requirement that the mother must comply with an age restriction. His mother was too young to do so, and therefore fails on both counts for Obama to be considered a citizen.

And though he originally said he was born in a certain hospital in Hawaii, this year he forgot which hospital he said he was born in and sent anniversary greetings to a different one, referring to it as his birth-hospital! Be sure your sins will catch you out, Obama!

What gets to me is the arrogance of Obama. Even if he finally shows himself to be legitimate, his games thus far are inexcusable. And, as I have said before, he is in a position to invent legitimacy, having countless secret service agencies at his beck and call, who are well capable of creating false papers. Of course, the problem Obama has is that he cannot possibly hide away all those who know the truth, including his brother living in Kenya who was hunted-down by Italian journalists. Once the story gains ground, Obama can be assured that many investigators will be hunting down ever last trace. Court cases currently being brought present other challenges, too.

The American Constitution states:

“No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the united States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

If you go to Obama’s website, you will find a certificate, but it is not a birth certificate, but a piece of paper available to any child, born in any place. Obama is refusing point-blank to show a ‘long form’ certificate which would contain the name of the doctor and hospital he was born in. He has spent about a million dollars on lawyers to hide the facts. The need for questions is obvious! Yet, during the run up to the elections last year, the right of Sen McCain was challenged, when his birth certificate was demanded! But, no-one looked at Obama’s right.

In one case being brought, a Democrat has challenged Obama’s right to be Senator, let alone president, for the same reasons. In effect, if this case was proved, Obama would be liable under fraud laws.

But, it is his Marxist aims that should concern the world, with its pro-gay, pro-Islam, pro-communist, anti-God stance. And this is the man people rely on to lead them!

Christians are lax in the matter of truth, and it can cost them dearly. Though some of us fight for truth, it is the laxity of the many that cost us all! We have to endure the results of their silence. Stand up and be counted, whether it is about abortion, death penalty, sex education, or whatever. Otherwise people like Obama will increase in numbers, super-confident that no-one will challenge their right to hate and control us.



© 18 July 2009

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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