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Recorded Delivery (Open Letter from a British Army soldier who has served on the front line and as a linguist and cultural advisor in Islamic countries.

Mr Robert Richardson

The Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

30th May 2011

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is time you took some time out and listened to the real people of Britain. By the people of Britain, I mean people other than your own devout Tory voters.

I can only assume you have surrounded yourself with advisors who detest our British culture and anything else that gives British people their own identity.

Foreign Aid

Why are we still paying out billions in foreign aid when we are cutting back on important services in our own country? Mr Cameron, I have worked alongside DFID and know full well how much money is literally being wasted in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

How can you justify cuts in the UK whilst still paying out billions of UK taxpayers money to countries like India? Is it is simply wrong. In fact, it is criminal.

If you think by sending ever-increasing sums of money to foreign countries, they will come to love you, then you are being very naïve. These people just laugh at you whilst at the same time they line their own pockets with UK aid money.

Multiculturalism in the UK

Earlier in the year you stood up and stated to the nation that Multiculturalism had failed. What have you done to rectify matters since that time?

Mr Cameron, unless you start to do something about immigration, this country is going to undergo a long period of serious social disorder and possible even civil war. I do not want my children to have to fight a war in order to preserve our identity as a nation. Especially when you could have prevented it.

Your Government has continued to allow immigrants into this country that will never integrate with the native population. This same group of immigrants are producing offspring at a far higher rate than the native population of these islands. That reason alone is sufficient to cause future conflict. It is only the UK benefits system that is preventing full-scale civil disorder now. Surely even you must be able to see the serious problems that will confront this country (and Europe) in the not-so-distant future. Why are you still allowing uncontrolled immigration into the UK?

Why are you not deporting immigrants who breach our laws and murder our citizens? Why are you still allowing immigrants into the UK that are not needed or wanted here? Even in cities like Salisbury, it is obvious to even the most stupid, that immigration is on the rise, especially over the last 12 years.

Why are you allowing these people to build mosques in the UK? Why are you allowing this religion to grow in the UK? Even worse, why are you allowing them to build mosques in Christian churches and then destroy the Christian graves? Why are you allowing the ethnic minorities to disregard our laws and insult our brave soldiers?

Human Rights Act

Before the last election, you assured us that the Human Rights Act would be abolished in the UK. The British people had had enough of criminals and immigrants using this Act to get away with murder in the UK. We have also had enough of lawyers getting rich at UK taxpayers expense.

You have done nothing about the HRA – why not? Yet more empty promises from a useless government.

The Rise of Islam in the UK

 I joined the British Army in 1974 to defend this country against communism. Now I see you and your predecessors happily handing over our country to immigrants and Islam.

I have spent a considerable amount of time in Islamic countries, as a front line soldier, linguist and cultural advisor. Based on what I have experienced, I do not want to see my family brought up in an Islamic country or under Islamic laws.

What are you doing to prevent this?

The Army, Police, Security Services and other Public Institutions

Based on what I said about foreign aid, I really cannot understand how you can continue to cut vital services to our country, in particular the Armed Forces, NHS, education and the Police. In 3-4 years time you will need to increase the size of these institutions and who is going to fill these vacancies, more immigrants?

Mr Cameron, it is well documented that the Armed Forces have recruiting problems when there is no recession. I saw what happened to the Army between 1995 – 2009 – a huge influx of immigrants.

The British Army and the Police already have more than enough immigrants in them. Some units in the British Army consist of over 90% ethnic minorities.

Mr Cameron, you are supposed to be educated. Do you know what happened to the Roman Empire when it became dependent on immigrants for its defence and vital services? These people have no loyalty to Britain and care little for our culture. Do you want an Army or a Police Force that refuses to go to war or carry out the UK governments orders simply because they do not agree with UK policy.

You need to really start looking at the full implications of immigration and the cuts you have planned for the Police and Armed Forces. You will destroy the very things that you will need to protect you when all this blows up in your face. You seriously need to think outside the box.

Bringing out your pet ex-general Dannant to speak to the media is laughable. He is nothing less than a Tory puppet seeking a good job and more yet more honours from your government. He does not represent soldiers and never has done. He certainly doesn’t represent me.


Why do the government and police refuse to release the true crime figures for the UK? It is clear that the vast majority of serious crime, including fraud, is committed by immigrants. Are you and the Police too scared to tell people the truth?


Mr Cameron, I will not allow you or any other politician to destroy Britain. Nor will I sit idly by and see my country destroyed by immigration, and in particular by an Islamic invasion. My family have lived in southern England for many 100s of years. Many of my family (myself included) have fought for and/or died to defend this country. I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that this does not occur.

I have always said that talk is cheap. It is what someone does in his or her life that counts. Mr Cameron, unless you start doing something other than just talk, the far right are going to get into power in the UK. This is nigh on inevitable and will happen even though you try to discredit them in the media and by other means. We are not stupid, nor are we blind, Mr Cameron.

I certainly did not vote for you at the last election, and you have done nothing at all to make me regret that decision.

I would go so far as to say that you are betraying people like me, in other words the native English and British people of these islands.

Mr Cameron, you would be well advised to start listening and doing something. We have had enough of not being listened to and simply being ignored.

I doubt very much that this letter conveys how angry I am at the way you are allowing our country to be destroyed. I have had enough !!

I have no doubts whatsoever that I will get no response from you or a government minister. I also have no doubts that this letter will be passed onto the UK security services for me to be investigated. I couldn’t care less.

Wake up Mr Cameron. Before it is tool late!

Robert Richardson


PS Mr Cameron, are you still supporting the Communist and Marxist anarchist group called the UAF? Your name certainly appears in their list of active supporters.

3 June 2011

Reproduced with permission

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
United Kingdom