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Do not vote 'yes' to independence... if you do, Alex Salmond has said he will give gays all the rights they want, AND, disgustingly, he will put it into the new constitution!

"Independence is a once in a lifetime opportunity to embed and enhance LGBTI rights. With Independence we will be able to enshrine LGBTI equality in a written constitution – ensuring our rights cannot be easily reversed by any government.

"With a No vote we face the prospect of another Tory government committed to scrapping the Human Rights Act...It's only with the full powers of an independent country that we can finally secure true equality for LGBTI people and a fairer society for all."

The First Minister said the equality protections of a Scottish constitution would include: age, disability, gender identity, gender reassignment, intersex status, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Mr Salmond said a Yes victory on 18 September would allow Scotland to make further progress on equality. (Pink News, 10 September 2014) (Christian Voice, 16 September 2014)

As I have said before the EU is behind this separation idea, and Salmond will gain massively in power and money.

Like all politicians he doesn't care about the morality notion – he just wants votes, even from the less than 1% who are gays!! His idea disgusts me, as it should every Christian.

Don't vote for independence... or you'll be inundated with gay filth and many sexual demands. And you'll be subjected to even more EU demands than you are now.

Even if you are not a Christian, do not vote for independence...

Scotland is not developed enough to be independent, despite the hype. The only one to gain will be Salmond. Also, whether Christian or not, to come under the heavy obedience to gays is just foul.