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Once again we have been proven right, unfortunately. The Government kept saying the UK was okay and on the up-and-up. They insisted we were not in a recession but progressing.

Of course, we KNEW they were lying. As has just been proved.

Our reasons for telling people that we were in a real financial and economic mess, despite government reassurances, were based on solid facts, not on mere opinion. We could see the rot underneath the shiny new theories, and knew that economies just do not act in the way governments tell us they do!

"It's not just the Eurozone: outlook for Britain worsens" (headline, The Guardian, 17th Nov). What a surprise, eh? We have said that continuously for several years, because that is what the evidence proves.

Youth employment is now over one million. Total unemployment is the worst for 17 years, and the growth forecast has been cut to just 1%. This has come about because the people in power, and our Prime Minister and his awful sidekick, are all useless. They are so concerned with patting their hair every time they go past a mirror, they refuse to learn basic economics. And they certainly ignore the taxpaying voters, about everything from rubbish collections to homosexual laws. Yes, they are struggling big-time!

George Osborne is just one obnoxious Mickey-taker of the many who pretend to run our country, who is forced to admit he is wrong. He now says that he is 'unable to meet his main deficit reduction target before the next election'. Know what that means in secret government speke? It means government will find many other ways to wring taxes out of us, to pay for the mess they led us into. Watch out for it, but look under the surface for the hidden ones!

Government MUST extort more taxes to enable it to make a superficial show of improvement in the economy... but by doing so it will anger the voters, so close to the run-up to the next election! Even so, it WILL increase taxation in some form or another - because the only other option is to cut its own size and influence, and leave the EU. They must do increase taxes anyway, just to appease the EU - so we will have a double extortion. Osborne has been forced to admit his error, but only did so because the media would otherwise have made mince-meat of him. Which I hope they still do.

Even without the unemployment figures, the UK is going to go downhill even more, because of the massive sums being stolen from us by the EU, with very much larger sums waiting to be stolen. Or, to be more precise – handed over meekly by our government, which roars loudly for the public ear, but grovels on its knees before their mighty EU rulers behind EU doors. Governments today are weak-kneed, yellow-bellied rogues, who care nothing for their own countries. (A number of MPs have woken up to this fact and are commendably opposing government).

Perhaps some will at last believe us when we say that the EU will make us extremely poor and unable to repay the national debt. Cameron and his promiscuously-liberal friends know this but continue to lie, because they know they are responsible for the fiasco that will strip every UK citizen not just of sovereignty, but of their cash. A variety of EU leaders smirk – they see Cameron as a little boy running obediently after the bullies, to do whatever they bid him to do. He talks like a toughie, but has the heart of a dead slug.

Do not think the answer is to elect Labour at the next election. Please, no! They will make things far worse – it was they who began it all before Cameron became PM! And, of course, they have promised 'gays' that they will plug ALL remaining loopholes to freedom, so that the hated Christians can at last be burned at the stake. The only real answer is for the people as a whole to throw out ALL MPs and government, even if the country collapsed, so that we can start again... this time with politicians who obey their masters!

So, friends, remember that we have been telling you of Britain's demise for several years. The signs were plain as day. But, British people are so lax, they allowed it all to happen under their very noses. For this reason, expect a greater dive into the financial sludge, accompanied by many PR words coming from the governmental Job's comforters, who wouldn't recognise truth if it knocked them in their false teeth at another taxpayer-paid lunch.


© 17 November 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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