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When you mention the word Gaza to most people, the mental image that comes to mind is a war zone and a bleak poverty stricken landscape, due to Israeli conflicts and sanctions.

Surprise, surprise, have a look at this shopping mall and other first class facilities in Gaza. Will the BBC’s Middle East correspondence tell this story? (Second sourced New York Times). Also reported is the collapse of the Gaza smuggling tunnels business as Israel has relaxed its blockade.

Always remember the aim of Palestine - to obliterate Israel and remove it from the face of the earth. That is what it says. Hamas will lie brazen-facedly, and socialist media will always report Israel as an aggressor and Palestine as the poor downtrodden. As the saying goes - Islam is out to get you!! That is why it is vital to get material like this out to everyone we know. Send it to the BBC and other media!! What hangs in the balance is not just Israel's safety but also our own.

© October 2010

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