The UK General Election 2015 offers Christians a ballot paper to vote for the values of Satan.

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I – and now James Waddell – have already stated that we refuse to vote.

We have given our reasons why. We will not even vote for UKIP.

As this will be one of our last posts before the election, let me be even more clear about what Christians are voting for.

We are voting for pro-gay laws and Islamic hatred, to continue and to grow exponentially. There will be no gradual process. The attacks on us will be swift and vicious. The Islamic genocide (no doubt approved by homosexuals... until THEY are also targeted, which they already are) will continue and more murders of Christians and Jews will come about, thanks to UK governmental stupidity and deliberate godless policies.

We are voting for a Party system. This is a system God cannot accept.

The Party system is onerous and oppressive. It produces MPs who MUST obey the Party rules, leaders and policies. None of these things can be found in democracy (the closest we have to acceptable practices but still not biblical). It is a pernicious system wherein a Party stands OUTSIDE what voters want! It decides what IT wants to do, and MPs portray this external demand in their work. In reality, MPs, who SHOULD be our servants, are actually the servants of their Party. This is why they cannot do our bidding, though this is what they are paid to do.

So, when Christians vote they are NOT voting for a true democratic system, but for a system that determines WHAT we may vote for, regardless of our wishes as a nation!! It is why we are lumbered with the EU, and many wicked laws. Parties are laws unto themselves; they parade what THEY wish us to vote for, thus censoring our choices. The Party system stinks and has reached the nostrils of Almighty God.

We are voting for corrupt MPs and government. Do you think that the only corruption is the fiddling of expenses (which is STILL going on despite public outrage)? Then you are either misinformed or easy to placate!

We are being asked to vote for the "best of a bad bunch". Some say that no MP will be perfect. We are told it is okay to vote for men and women whose personal lives are a mess and who hate God, or ignore the plight of His people.

This is the language of defeated believers!

God says that all who hold public office MUST be white as snow, with transparently good and moral lives. They MUST be honest, ethical, and do whatever God demands of them. They MUST honour God and His people, and bring in nothing but laws and policies that do so.

Therefore, to vote for people who do not fit this description is to vote for sin!

No Christian in good conscience can do so. We CANNOT vote for someone just because their sins are less than someone elses'!

We CANNOT vote for homosexual, or criminally-minded, or dishonest, or unethical, or Islamic, MPs. To do so would be ungodly.

We CANNOT accept the worldly attitude, that we must put up with less than what God demands.

In this UK election, Christians are being asked to vote for what will destroy us.

Every Party is intent on this destruction, even UKIP (by not allowing us to speak out against homosexuality and Islam). It appears, though, that many Christians are so afraid of Labour they are willing to cast an ungodly vote FOR the ungodly!

Let us get this straight – the UK, Europe, and the USA, have moved radically from any Christianised roots they may have had. They have moved into the camp of enemies of freedom, religion and morality, and actually embrace their values.

To do so, they need to oppress and get rid of Christians. This is why they do not fight against or stop the Islamisation of the West. Islam is itself fascist and Marxist (both are really the same thing). So is homosexuality. Between them they hate God, hate us, and hate truth. Hence their determination to stop open and free discussion and genuine opposition against these evils.


We pray for our brethren to do the right, godly thing.