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Sadly, I see little if anything of principles in modern politicians.

Vote for whoever you like – they are all godless. Some claim to be believers, but they do nothing, remain silent, or are swept away by the mass of sewage around them.

I see political arguments as deliberately selective and obscure.

And allowing personalities to rule is folly.

I don’t care who says what, whether it is Cameron or Boris.

I don’t need them to influence my decision to vote to get out of the EU. I have watched and read and heard... for decades. I have my own mind on the matter and have watched the EU grow in its dark sinful ideas and actions.

The most fundamental reasons are kept in the dark... the most basic and urgent issues to look at are silenced.

Cameron is fighting to stay in the EU and thinks that his failed attempt at ‘renegotiation’ does the trick. NO WAY! We do not want to ‘renegotiate’ with a known enemy! We want to be rid of it.

Heath lied to the country in the 70s, but even then I could smell a rat.

Since that time the EU has evolved into an almost complete super-state, a federal union covering everything from tins of peas to military might.

Only it has NOT ‘evolved’... this has been the aim from the beginning, even from before WW2 had run its course.

The EU is about ‘sharing sovereignty’!! That is taking it from us and putting it into a common pool, to be used and abused by EU politicians at will, fulfilling THEIR desire. In other words, there will be NO sovereignty, whether in or out of the EU. For me, as a believer, this is like ancient Israel ignoring God and handing itself over as slaves to idolaters and pagans.

The EU is fascist – that is just one BIG reason to leave. Do you honestly think Christians can live under the fascism of a revamped Hitleresque Germany?

Germany is the driving force behind the EU – there can be no doubt. Merkel has commanded that ALL EU countries MUST take in unchecked and violent Muslims. There is something behind this – and it isn’t charity or love for ‘refugees’ so-called. There is far more to it. And all of Europe will suffer badly if the various states don’t fight back and refuse this order.

It is all to do with failed socialism and its aims can even be seen in TV adverts.


Haven’t you noticed how in a majority of ads, married couples are mixed race?

The change is noticeable. They prepare us for marriage that dilutes the white gene pool and, because of Islamic presence, increases the dark-skinned gene pool.

I am not being racist about this, but pointing out what socialists games are about – mixing all races and religions so that everyone will eventually be ‘brown skinned’ (this is the intention – read their variety of manifesto papers!). It is one thing for an individual couple to love each other and to marry – but the ads are over-the-top! If you do not know the error and horror of socialism, then you are being deliberately ignorant. You SHOULD know, because socialism, through the EU, is your current owner and slave-driver!

The EU is anti-God and anti-Christian, but pro-Allah and pro-sharia.

Doesn’t that tell you something? This alone is enough reason to leave the EU.

Sadly, as we have reported a while ago, even the tiny island of Malta, once a pleasant place to live, is now accepting bribes of new roads in return for complete obedience to the EU socialistic mantra. And even here, Islam is starting to make its outrageous claims and demands. Because it has now sold its heritage for a mess of pottage, Malta is now doomed.

Once sharia gains hold, Christians can literally sing a swan-song, for we will die, or be subject to Islamic rule, taxes and second-rate citizenship, or simple imprisonment. Islam is a foul religion and anything that is foul causes everything else around it to stink and die. Islam contributes nothing economically, but kills off trade. It gives nothing religiously, only violence and contradictions. And it hates Christians and Jews. That is why Merkel is filling the EU with Islam though even she misses the point. Her socialism hates God just as much as Islam.

But she will find the end result will also turn on her and fellow socialists.

These are just a few reasons why we MUST leave the EU. Christians who look to other reasons by unbelievers, or by ignorant believers, are in for a very big shock if we stay in the EU. Frankly, I would question their biblical understanding and spiritual health if they vote to remain in the EU. No, it is not a test of orthodoxy, but it IS a test of their biblical understanding and ability to discern the times and rulers.

THINK HARD FRIENDS. Your decision will affect me and others like me, who know the score. And we won’t thank you for it.

There is no Christian unity when a large chunk of believers sells the other chunk down the river for the sake of ignorant personalised opinions that reject biblical truth. Because that is what it is really about... no real believer can possibly vote for Satan to give us our orders. And the EU has followed Satan since it began.

Forget Boris. Forget Cameron. Both have shown us their gay-love policies in the past and present, and should show you their true mettle. It is about time you prayed for genuine spiritual discernment and got us out of the EU.