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liberals really are that stupid

I have said it before – the Muslims who came here in the 1950s are usually integrated and okay.

So, what I have to say is about those who came later – Bolshy, aggressive, violent, and hating us.

We should just kick them out, with almost no exceptions. Why? Because it is their own religion that has driven them from Islamic lands. Even so, when they come it is not to integrate and show some respect for their host country – you and me and our taxes. It is to change us into a backwards, backwoods religio-military totalitarian state, obeying Allah or else. So we don’t want them in our country.

Deport all of them - Muslims don't want democracy

But, many will argue (as does that great fakir, Obama, or is it faker?), that is not democratic or fair.


Hearken to those poor Muslims! They tell us they don’t WANT democracy. They only want enslavement to Allah. And for all of us. So, to kick them out is exactly in line with what they want!!

It isn’t democratic, because Islam is not democratic. Do you think Muslims will offer us a democratic deal?


All they’ll give us is heavy dhimmi taxation, second class citizenship, and/or death. No democracy that is so easily spread about by liberals and socialists!! The democracy they hold so dear will be stomped on by Islamicists who want us dead or silenced slaves.


Stop offering them the democratic right to stay here and give them their Islamic idea of non-democracy and kick them out. It fits their ideology perfectly. They hate democracy, so why insist upon it for them?

In just a few short years I won’t be allowed to say any of this. And if that happens I won’t blame myself... I will blame all of you who insist on giving leniency to Islam and its hateful adherents.