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With every day it takes to reach the point of a referendum on staying in or out of the EU, Britain spends billions on staying in membership. (Even if we leave it will take several years and much more money to get out... when any plucky leader would simple tell the EU to ‘get lost’! Thaty is why we must start getting out NOW).

It is also spending billions of OUR tax to send aid to Turkey to shorten the queue of Muslims trying to get to the West!!

None of this should be our concern. We are the West, and Islam hates us. Yes ISLAM, not just a few (hundreds of thousands!) of Muslims.
We are engaged in a bizarre and stupid dance, paying money to keep the bullies quiet.

The REAL answer is to eliminate the bullies where they are. ISIS must be put down, like a
rabid dog.

The West is bringing in an unknown number of jihadists, and so-called asylum seekers are showing outright hatred for the West they wish to live in. They cause riots and are violent if they do not get gold Rolls Royces and huge mansions, plus unlimited money. And we give it to them.

We turn a blind eye (made blind by Islamic attacks) to violence, mass rapes, riots, burning down of hostels, and so much more, and Muslims turn up publicly to denounce the West, with a hatred you rarely see anywhere.

As they do so the ‘moderates’ in surveys say they support ISIS, and execution of non-Muslims, and many Islamic medieval forms of wickedness.

Today, as you read this, more jihadists will enter Europe.

Today, many women and children will be raped by ‘ordinary’ Muslims who pretend to come here to find ‘peace’.

Today, Muslims will break many laws and the police will not arrest them.

Today, more Muslims will openly show their disdain for us in the streets.



The West MUST send troops into Syria to eliminate ISIS. This is because, to kill a wasps’ nest you go and find the wasps’ nest... you don’t pay hospitals to treat victims of wasp attacks! Paying Turkey to stop so many migrants is ridiculous. Turkey is a part of the Islamic problem! Spend the money on sending troops into Syria!!


It is often said that this is not our affair, but it is... 100% our concern. Jihadists are being sent to Europe and the USA to kill westerners and to frighten fellow Muslims who prefer peace. In WW2 we sent spies to Germany; we sent special soldiers to assassinate Nazi leaders; we encouraged underground armies to fight back. WE DID NOT INVITE NAZIS TO LIVE AMONGST US!! And we fought the Nazis with every bit of strength we had.

Today, we have feeble PC leaders who think they can appease the enemy. They can’t.

The enemy could not care less what we think, because their aim is clear – kill everyone who refuses Allah, and kill fellow Muslims if they are not violent against us.

The billions being sent to Turkey will have nil effect, because Turkey is itself a radical Islamic state that has previously committed genocide. It will use money to bolster its own existence. What our ‘leaders’ think is good, is only a sign of western weakness!

Akin to all this we have to put up with whining EU member states who do not want us to control benefits given to their nationals. OF COURSE THEY OBJECT... firstly, when their unemployed nationals come to the UK, those nationals will get benefits that far exceed anything they would get back home. On top of that our ridiculous system also gives them benefits to send back home to keep their children. Some nationals have built up large cash savings by staying here, unemployed. Some have even used benefit money to build what is, in their own country, mansions! Then they will go back home to live in relative luxury!!

Secondly, when nationals come here, they are out of the hair of their own countries, who save enormously by not giving them benefits. And, though UK nationals are free to go and live in these countries, they don’t want to go because they would receive very much lower benefits!! By definition, nationals who come to the UK usually do so as unemployed and unemployable persons. They won’t get jobs. And most don’t want jobs anyway – they just want benefits. British unemployed who refuse jobs have their benefits stopped. But, those from abroad (mainly African) are allowed to stay... AND ARE NEVER CHECKED BY BENEFITS’ OFFICES. There is so much to say about what is happening, but the media have been warned to stay silent, just in case there is a backlash against migrants. THERE SHOULD BE!

The same media silence occurred in the 1980s over the homosexual cause of AIDS.

As a result many millions have thus far died of AIDS and many more will do so in the future. At the time my own research warned this would happen... but I was also silenced and kept away from students. PC began over thirty years ago!! Will you allow it to ruin your life, or the lives of your children and their children? Because this is what you are doing by letting our ‘leaders’ get away with their cowardly avoidance of genuine answers to fast-rising problems.