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You are probably aware that the Islamic leader of the Paris killings came into Europe with a bunch of migrants.

We are now told that he boasted that in his batch of migrants were another 90 – yes 90 – ISIS operatives!

The EU is playing fast and loose with people’s lives... after all the MEPs and leaders are well protected, so why should they care if citizens are murdered in the name of Allah? (The Times, 5th February 2016) (WSJ, 4 February 2016)

If this is the number of ISIS killers in just one group of ‘migrants’, in just one small town... how many are there altogether throughout the West? Scare the life out of yourself by trying to calculate the figure! And then vote
to get out of the EU... THEN command Cameron to stop being so flouncy about aiding ALL ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ so-called. Instead, tell him to stop all Islamic migrants unless all and every one of them has been identified. If they have no papers – kick them out. If they refuse finger printing, kick them out. And then kick out all – with citizenship or not – who reject law and order and promise death to UK citizens. We CAN sort out the migrant and ISIS fiasco... but it will take a real man to do so.

Oh yes – AND effectively stop sharia and Muslim dominance in its tracks by banning Islamic take-over of our political system. All it takes is guts!