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In the news are two distinctly absurd items.

The young woman who wants to return to the UK after serving ISIS, and the kids who skipped school to demand we stop climate change!

The ISIS girl is now on her third baby. ISIS strongholds are shrinking so she wants to have her baby in the UK so it will be paid for and treated.

Some say the law will bring her back... but you know what they say about law!

No way should she be allowed back into the UK. She is already radicalised... note how she has no regrets being with ISIS and had no reaction to seeing severed heads in trash cans!! We don’t want her here – but we all know the tragedy of British political weakness.

And the kids who took time off school to demand we stop climate change.

No-one in the news studio put them right!! Climate change is normal, whether it gets worse, better, wetter, sunnier, dryer... these kids are being played like violins! Like all kids they are immature and see things in a childish way. Indeed, they are following adults who are childish, too!!

They believe the world is going to end in the next few years. Why aren’t real scientists blasting them with truth and scientific facts? I urge all readers to also urge their friends and churches... everyone... to speak up for truth and genuine science. I did that with my 2009 book, but much more is needed to silence the lies and repair the damage done by Al Gore and his sycophantic friends whose only interest is grabbing our money and silencing our freedoms.

To do this you will need to know the facts. Learn them. Fast! Otherwise not pnly kids will be raising a noise of protest without reason... childish adults will also get in on the act to make demands that are utterly ridiculous.

As I have said several times – the claim that the world will end in ten years has been made every ten years for about four or five decades!! Yet the earth is still with us. Climate change is normal and it varies. No man can alter it, and men are NOT responsible for changes anyway.