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Even the most stupid of Congressmen in the USA must surely see what Obama is doing to the country?obama spread your wealth around

But - do they know WHY he is doing it?

A recent book by top-selling author, Dinesh D'Souza tells us, very convincingly.('The Roots of Obama's Rage', Regnery Publishing, New York).

Obama is the pin-up boy for all the socialist Democrats in the USA, because Obama is definitely Marxist.

But there is another, much stronger, reason for Obama's behaviour - anti-colonialism, and it drives every policy and political move made by this usurper to the presidency.

He gets this from his dead father, even though he was a philanderer, serial adulterer and alcoholic.

His father was an economist who believed colonial powers ruined Africa. And though he walked out on Obama when he was still very young, Obama has a rose-coloured view of the man, who attempted to make Africa into a big socialist state. He also believed that Africa suffered because of colonial powers, who he thought took everything but gave nothing back.

Obama's aim is to humiliate the USA for its past colonial efforts, even though history is showing a very different picture.

It means Obama is not working on truth and fact but on the memories passed on by his runaway father! The whole of the USA will suffer because of Obama's twisted ideals passed on by his father and African socialism. Everything he does relates to his anti-colonial beliefs, which cannot hold water.

Every country that was colonised is now on the up and up, gaining rapidly because of old colonial know-how passed on to them through a few hundred years of foreign rule. Except for Africa, which was only ruled by the UK for about fifty years - not long enough to get any kind of education and political rule working. Thus, Africa remains violently tribal and ignorant, starving its own people and refusing to work towards a better future. The only gains are in Marxism.

Africa remains in its infant state, violent and uncontrolled. Most states want Marxist rule - or at least its various leaders do!

And because of this, most of Africa is still poor, with much famine, and many internal wars. Many leaders still continue to shout the odds against colonialism, even though none of it deserves a mention! The current problems in Africa could not be put on the shoulders of Britain, because Britain was not ruling for long enough - no, the problems are squarely on the shoulders of African despots, who grab everything for themselves, not bothering to better their own countries.

And Obama encourages this. It is why he is cutting US military might, so that it can no longer police any part of the world.

The fact that it is only the presence of American forces that stops all-out wars does not appeal to him. All that matters is that he humiliates and stops American power in the world. His father's 'dream'!!

That it does not hold water is irrelevant to him, such is his anger against America. It is why he is bringing banks and government into subjection to his very personal aims. It is why he is determined to fill the USA with millions of illegal immigrants who do immense harm to the country. It is why he is pushing up costs, has brought in 'Obamacare', and is taxing the richer folks to oblivion. The idea is to bring the USA to its knees so that it can never again provide police activities to the world. Thus, terrorism will come upon the USA with a vengeance. THAT is a promise!

Obama believes the work being done in Afghanistan is 'colonialism', even though America has no interest in staying there and ruling the country - it is only trying to rid the world of Taliban and Islamic terrorists. So, he is bringing troops 'home' - making it sound patriotic when he has not one patriotic bone in his body. What will happen is that Afghanistan's terrorist population will build rapidly, and terrorists will receive training there before being sent around the world to subdue the West.

His mode of attaining this goal is Marxism. That is where his socialism comes into the picture, and why so many Democrats love him.

They can see that he cares nothing for Congress or the Constitution. He just wants to bring the USA to its knees, because of his dead father's dreams of anti-colonialism. A dream based on issues fifty years too late and which no longer apply.

To reach his goal, Obama has used illegal activity of his own, an illicit presidency, and a vicious disregard for all who want to live ordinary decent lives. He has consorted with gangsters, terrorists, perverts, and all who hate the USA, in order to reach his personal goal.

He has pushed up the USA's debt by trillions and intends pushing it up even more. Why? Because by driving America to the edge of oblivion he can punish the people on behalf of his dead socialist father!

He loves Africa so much he never bothers with the country or his own relatives! All he wants is for Africa to be 'free' of its colonial roots, even though it has been free for many years!

Africa is determined to be ruled by despots and killers, who all use the idea of 'anti-colonialism', though it does not exist anymore.

Because of this background I do not believe we ought to fund charity work in Africa, despite the many deaths. The more we provide, the more will be stolen by dictators and vicious armies, and so the problems get worse each year.

Once the USA has been ruined beyond repair, we can look forward to the world policeman being Russia or China, with cronies such as North Korea. Can you imagine what the world will end up like? Just look into history and find out! Obama is not just a fake - he is a very dangerous fake, and MUST be deposed. Not that it will do much, unless all his insane moves are countered and removed! Even then, America is now so used to electing their own despots and frauds, some other foul person will become president and take America down yet another road to perdition! But, at least he can try to put right the awful economic and military rules created by Obama. And perhaps even revoke the homosexualisation of the military and country, another move by Obama to weaken the effectiveness of the army and society, etc.

Obama is now gearing up to get re-elected. Americans MUST get rid of him quickly. They allowed him to stay in office so far, and he has brought shame and ruin upon the country. How much more will it take to show the people, and the world, that Obama is a fake, with a highly personal agenda?

© 1 September 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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