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UKIP does not understand that Judeo/Christian values are Biblical values

Historically, UKIP has put forward a face of tolerance, acceptance and approval towards Judeo/Christian values, being the one political party which at least on the surface appeared to be opposed to Same-Sex Marriage.

However, now the Equal Marriage Act 2013 has come into law, UKIP has repeatedly, in word and deed, distanced themselves from the Judeo/Christian values that are held to be ‘politically incorrect’ by insinuating or explicitly stating that opposition to homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage and belief in a  God of judgement is a persuasion held by “barmy”, “Walter Mitty” type characters with political ambitions that are not “our kind of people”, or at best quaint irrelevant old people of a certain age who were brought up at a different time. (Guardian, 11 May 2014).

UKIP say Homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality

UKIP has, as the Euro Elections approaches, tried to double talk their way out of their historic statements concerning Same-Sex Marriage so as to appeal to the pink vote, and they have made statements that clearly and unambiguously show their support for, and approval of, the practise of homosexuality. (The Telegraph, 18 March 2014) (Pink News, 18 March 2014) (London Evening Standard, 18 March 2014)

UKIP has a new website www.ukip.org with carefully controlled content. Gone are all the old messages that suggested opposition to Same-Sex Marriage. In it is the new skewed UKIP morality.

Roger Helmer is quoted on the website and even goes so far as to make the following correction:

“In the course of a short conversation, I simply made the point that people were entitled to their personal preferences. It is morally acceptable to prefer heterosexuality over homosexuality, or vice versa. Most of us prefer one or the other.” (UKIP, accessed 21 May 2014)

The contortions that UKIP leadership has gone through have occurred simply because UKIP’s value system is based on the philosophy of Libertarianism, which can be paraphrased as “you can do anything as long as it does not impact on other people”. The key word is ‘impact’. (Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, accessed 21 May 2014). Yet, though the ‘impact’ of homosexual laws on Christians is overwhelmingly bad, UKIP refuses to speak of this imbalance.

The opposition UKIP had to Same-Sex Marriage was not because they considered homosexuality or same-sex marriage to be intrinsically wrong, immoral, destructive of all understanding and concept of the traditional family, which has been the basis of civilisation since the dawn of Creation, but because there was an impact on people of religious faith and the very real risk, which is now being realised, that Christians would be forced by their local authority to conduct Same Sex Marriages.

On the surface, UKIP’s perspective might appear commendable, but this libertarian philosophy of impact only, is not acceptable as it does not recognise the authority of Judeo/Christian Biblical values on its leaders, government and people. Hypothetically, if all Christians were to be silent on Same Sex Marriage and the agenda of homosexuals to destroy civilisation as we know it and to consign Judeo/Christian values to history were to be given full freedom, there would be no ‘political impact’ and therefore no issue - so carry on.

In the UK, people of religious faith and who hold Biblically based doctrines on the fundamentals of sin, judgement and salvation, are now positioned by UKIP and the other parties as being out of step with the promoted culture of “there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and therefore Christians should be dismissed in order to be totally inclusive!” This is where the Leadership of UKIP have aligned themselves, what other conclusion can you draw?

Nathan Gill MEP candidate for Wales

As I was writing this article I had a long awaited response to my interview questions to Nathan Gill, Number 1 on the list for UKIP Member of European Parliament candidate for Wales. You can see his short response to my full questionnaire in the image attached. (The full unanswered questionnaire is below).

Nathan Gill interview answers

Yes, Nathan Gill has said he opposes Same Sex Marriage and he reaffirms the former UKIP position of being against Same Sex Marriage and states publically that he is a religious person with a Christian upbringing. He also says that he is freely able to articulate his opposition to Same Sex Marriage as UKIP does not apply the whip to their elected representatives.

It is deeply regrettable that Nathan Gill has not answered the other interview questions and given a cursory answer to the ones that he did. These questions are vitally important to Christians and to the future of society, particularly babies and children who will be allocated to gay couples under the reinforced paradoy that same sex marriage is normal and having two dads or two mums is normal.

Nathan Gill, as a UKIP candidate, will be carrying the UKIP brand with him when he stands on Thursday 22nd May 2014. The UKIP brand under the direction of its leadership, has publically approved of the immorality of homosexuality and has said it is equivalent to heterosexuality. (This is a weird philosophical stance, given that one cannot make equal two things that are different! It is a nonsensical hypothesis). Recent public communications from UKIP advocating the separation of the Church and State strongly imply that Judeo/Christian values have no place in UKIP’s policies and for that matter in legislation or government. For genuine Christians this is intolerable, for ALL government ONLY has its authority under God and by His laws.

Sadly, if I vote for Nathan Gill, I vote for UKIP, who yes want to get the UK out of the godless tyrannical EU, but, UKIP is also in line with the EU by saying homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality. In other words, approving of homosexuality, the keeping of Same Sex Marriage, and wanting to abandon Judeo/Christian values by divorcing the Church and its influence from the State through the edicts of the ECHR. The conclusion is therefore very clear – even if UKIP get us out of the EU, it will, nevertheless, continue to push the homosexual agenda!

I therefore, and our local Church, can’t vote for UKIP or the other main political parties who are of the same persuasion as UKIP on these matters of morality and God’s law which applies to all mankind. We will therefore abstain.

I challenge all Christians to think deeply about what you’re voting for on Thursday as, essentially, your vote for UKIP and the other three main political parties is a vote for the approval of sin and the sponsorship of the accelerated destruction of Judeo/Christian values in the UK and the further marginalisation of Christians.

Interview Questions Submitted 21 April 2014 to Nathan Gill, UKIP MEP Candidate 22 May 2014

(Note: Two question marks indicate no answer or a direct answer was given)

Who are you, Nathan Gill?

James Waddell: Good to talk to you again Nathan. You may remember that we briefly met at the UKIP Spring Conference in Scarborough at the beginning of March 2011.

Nathan Gill: ??

James Waddell: A lot has happened since then. UKIP’s public profile is much greater and on many issues UKIP has set the agenda for the three other political parties by challenging the status quo, particularly on the UK’s continued membership of the EU and the call for a referendum to let the British people decide to stay in or out.

Why did you join UKIP?

Nathan Gill: ??

What are the Values of Nathan Gill?

James Waddell: It is very important for the electorate to know the values are of a political candidate as they will govern the life of the individual, what they think and how they will respond when a political issue or a policy proposal is being debated.

So what are your values and how will they apply to your role and responsibilities as a Member of the European Parliament?

Nathan Gill: ??

James Waddell: One of the most contentious issues that was forced through the Westminster parliament during the current government, has been same sex marriage legislation, which has changed completely the definition and concept of marriage, family, parenting, husband, wife, generations and the expectation that a child should have a mother and a father – destroying Judeo/Christian values.

What is your view on this legislation and if UKIP succeeded in its goal of getting the UK out of the EU, one of the drivers of this bill, should the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 and its related amendments and licences be annulled?

Nathan Gill: ??

James Waddell: The right of Christians to manifest their faith publically by expressing views such as that homosexuality is a sin (a breaking of God’s commandments), homosexuality is a behavioural choice, or even disagreeing that same-sex marriage should be allowed has resulted in punishment, wrongful arrest by the police, loss of employment or position, closing of businesses and charities, banning of freedom of expression and the withholding of goods and services by politically correct establishments.

Do you think that the concept of ‘sexual orientation’ should be a protected characteristic, especially as the definition of sexual orientation includes paedophilia and other extreme and harmful sexual behaviour?

Nathan Gill: ??

Does UKIP supports Judeo/Christian Values?

James Waddell: You have obviously been working closely with the UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and the leaders of UKIP like Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall and Steve Crowther, etc. In the past UKIP has positioned itself as supporting Judeo/Christian values, do you think these statements still apply and if so what recent evidence do you have to support such a claim following UKIP’s response and management of the David Silvester issue and recent communications?

Nathan Gill: ??

What are UKIP’s aims and intentions with regard to Sex & Relationships Education (SRE) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) policies?

James Waddell: Many parents and educationalists are very concerned that Stonewall and other government sponsored organisations are being given direct access to the classroom from primary school age and are setting the core content for the SRE and PSHE curriculum to promote the normalising of homosexual behaviour/relationships and the covering of topics relating to the sexualising of children from infants.

What are your own views and what are UKIP’s aims and intentions with regard to SRE and PSHE policies for school children as they will have a major harmful impact on the future values and culture of the UK?

Nathan Gill: ??

How will Nathan Gill represent the wishes of parents who want to keep Sex Education non-compulsory and maintain the parental right of withdrawal?

James Waddell: Many parents do not want their children to be indoctrinated with the sexual values of Stonewall and others who wish to encourage sexual experimentation and discussion of pornography from the age of infants.

How will Nathan Gill represent the wishes of parents who want to keep SRE non-compulsory, maintain the parental right of withdrawal, and who oppose the secrecy of giving contraception to their under age children?

Nathan Gill: ??

Is there an EU Referendum in the UK on 22 May 2014?

James Waddell: Do you think that the Euro Elections on 22 May 2013 are an opportunity for the British People to have an unofficial Referendum on Europe?

Nathan Gill: ??

What are Nathan Gill’s Goals for Wales?

James Waddell: If you win a seat as a Member of the European Parliament what are the political goals which you are prepared to be measured against in 5 years’ time?

Nathan Gill: ??

How will Nathan Gill represent the interests of the Welsh people in Europe?

James Waddell: How will you represent the interests of the Welsh people and Welsh businesses in Europe?

Nathan Gill: ??

Additional comments from K B Napier, BTM:

Mr Gill did not answer the questions, though we have a right to know the answers. He calls himself a Christian and yet is showing himself to be a child of UKIP, not of God. It might seem to be a harsh comment to make – it is not ‘harsh’, but it is certainly hard. For Christians the most important issues in Britain, and in Europe right now, is the way political parties are literally driving forward the agenda of both homosexuality and Islam. Mr Gill chose not to speak God’s words, but instead chose to stick to the party line, which is anti-God. UKIPs comments concerning homosexuality in particular are echoes of the commands issued by Stonewall. Homosexuality’s aim has been made very plain – to destroy biblical Christianity and, if necessary, Christians themselves. Mr Gill aligns himself with this aim by refusing to uphold God’s word in this vital matter. By doing so he shows himself a friend of homosexuality, but an enemy of God, and, therefore, of Christians. Thus far, UKIP has not ‘come out’ as strongly as the other parties – Labour in particular – for the total take-over of all areas of life by homosexuals. But, the rapid refusal to give assurance, and the way Christians have been relegated to oblivion by Farage and UKIP, shows us the path UKIP is taking – and I predicted this months ago.

Let me put it very clearly: Government is ONLY valid if it obeys the Lord. No government has been given warrant by God to ignore godly laws or the truth of God’s word. Christians have no business voting for those who have declared themselves to be the enemy of God and us. Ignore this plain fact at your peril.

© 21 May 2014

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