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Your parliamentary colleagues tell us that you make decisions based on facts. 

So when will you deal with the facts that:

  • Islam is at war with the West. Normality is turned into carnage by followers of Islam e.g. Nice, etc. (The Telegraph, 15 July 2016)
  • Muslims follow an ideological religion which is the antithesis of Judaeo-Christian values of freedom, democracy, rule of law, justice and living at peace with your neighbour.
  • Islam was founded on brutality and barbarism to dominate the infidel and its scriptures propagate the same message, which is carried out across the world by its followers.
  • Islam is not a race. Yet racist legislation is used to oppose criticism of Muslims.
  • The concept of a ‘moderate’ Muslim is propaganda to keep us all quiet and have a false sense of security. How can an individual be a moderate if they uphold and praise the scriptures and law of a death cult, like Islam?

When will you declare Islam illegal in the UK and determine that all those who follow this treasonous religion leave?

Also see "Jihadist Bloodshed in Europe – Again, This Time in Nice" (Culture Watch, 15 July 2016) and France: The Coming Civil War (Gatestone, 16 July 2016)